Science at Cambo

The Principles of Good Teaching and Learning in Science at Cambo First School

  • Children make links across the curriculum
  • Children ask scientific questions
  • Children are enthused and challenged by their learning
  • Children explore and design their own investigations
  • Children develop real life learning experiences.
  • Children use a variety of environments

Cambo Science Policy


What is happening in School?

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What fun we have had this week. Science, Science and more Science. We came into school on Monday morning to find a total travesty their was rubbish everywhere! In the trees, in the pig pen… Litter, litter , litter.. And so the learning began as Reception and Y1 had to collect, categorise and label the rubbish.  Whilst Y2,3,4 looked into the decomposition of materials, where and how materials were made and the impact of these materials in the world. We also had several visitors to school to help us in our learning. In Geography Steven from Caled Rocks came into school to help us learn about extreme weather and Gail from Warburtons came in for our PSHE/Technology sessions to help us think about staying healthy and eating a balanced diet! We also had parental visits from Vicky who is was a helicopter pilot and was able to help us learn about the principles of flight, and Mike a GP who helped us learn about healthy bacteria. The bread created was super tasty! And the learning? As the children said… ‘PHENOMENAL! Science is everywhere, I wish we could do it every day’!











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