Science at Cambo

Science at Cambo

At Cambo First School we want our children to think scientifically in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We want our children  to develop a lifelong curiosity and interest in the sciences at school at home and in life itself.

Cambo First School is a small school thus the coordination of all subjects is shared. Staff from Cambo have worked alongside colleagues across the Morpeth Partnership to ensure that we have a long-term Science plan with clear expectations for the progression of knowledge and skills from EYFS through to Year 13.

At Cambo we have mixed age classes, therefore it is essential to have a two year rolling program of Science. To this end we have medium term plans for each theme.

Morpeth Partnership Science Curriculum

The Shared Principles of good teaching and learning in Science at Cambo First School (1)

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Cambo Science Policy







In May 2020 during COVID 19, under Mrs Wilson’s leadership we successfully gained our PSQM Gilt Award. What a process and what an achievement. Well done everyone. Super work, super fun and super events. Have a look at our portfolio. It makes lovely reading and viewing.  Julia Miller our assessor said

‘I have really enjoyed reading your submission and I thoroughly recommend that you are awarded PSQM GILT. Looking through your portfolio before reading your reflections I could see so many examples of good science practice; principles; TAPS; PLAN; parents and I wanted to read and find out more thinking this is a PSQM GILT school and indeed it is. Your action plans were very, very  good and I recommend going back and RAG rating them which may help you in starting to
think about your plans for next year. You have so much very good practice to share and I hope you will consider planning goingfor PSQM outreach in a few years’ time.’

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Planning for Autumn 1

States of Matter Y3 and Y4 Science

Year 2 Uses of Everyday Materials planning


What is happening in School?


British Science Week 2024


British Science Week 2024 took place in school between the 8th and 17th March 2024. The focus was Time the passing of time and the future, and Smashing Stereotypes!  SO….. What do you imagine when you’re asked what a scientist looks like? Are you picturing lab coats, goggles, and conical flasks? How about the person? Are they a White man with grey hair, who resembles Albert Einstein? If that’s who you pictured – you aren’t alone. But it’s something that we want to change at Cambo!  Visitors/ visits and lots of activities made this a fantastic week!  Photographs to follow along with some of the investigations we carried out….The children will definitely remember the ‘Owl Pellet’ investigation…


British Science Week 2023 will take place in school between 10th -19th March 2023. The theme this year is ‘Connections’. Lots of joined up thinking with our celebratory days and weeks this year! [Mental health and wellbeing, staying safe on line… have all focused on connections, making connections]. At Cambo we will be doing our Science Week a week earlier as it fits in better with our program.

We have lots of activities to develop and extend scientific knowledge, understanding, vocabulary and practice over the week at school and at home! We are also having a workshop with Professor Brainstorm on Friday.

The children will also begin their Crest Science Awards.


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What fun we have had this week. Science, Science and more Science. We came into school on Monday morning to find a total travesty their was rubbish everywhere! In the trees, in the pig pen… Litter, litter , litter.. And so the learning began as Reception and Y1 had to collect, categorise and label the rubbish.  Whilst Y2,3,4 looked into the decomposition of materials, where and how materials were made and the impact of these materials in the world. We also had several visitors to school to help us in our learning. In Geography Steven from Caled Rocks came into school to help us learn about extreme weather and Gail from Warburtons came in for our PSHE/Technology sessions to help us think about staying healthy and eating a balanced diet! We also had parental visits from Vicky who is was a helicopter pilot and was able to help us learn about the principles of flight, and Mike a GP who helped us learn about healthy bacteria. The bread created was super tasty! And the learning? As the children said… ‘PHENOMENAL! Science is everywhere, I wish we could do it every day’!



















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