About Us

boy.jpgCambo First School is an outstanding school which caters for the educational needs of pupils in the 4-9 age range. There are presently 47 pupils. [June 21] The pupils are organised into two classes. The first class has Reception and Year 1  children. The second class has Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils. There are  19 children in class one and 27 children in class two. It is a traditional village school in an attractive setting with large playing fields. There are two classrooms, a group room and a separate hall. We have an outdoor classroom and are blessed with wonderful educational/physical grounds. The community is widespread, drawing pupils from several villages.

At 9+ pupils normally transfer to Morpeth Chantry Middle School and subsequently to The King Edward Vl High School. Children can also transfer to Newminster Middle School or Rothbury Middle and then to King Edward Vl High School. Parents may also consider other schools in Ponteland e.g. Ponteland Primary Academy; Coates Endowed Primary School in Ponteland and then to Ponteland High School School.

The staff and governors are pleased to welcome you to Cambo First School. If your child is joining us for the first time, we look forward to beginning a happy and successful relationship. If you already have, or have had, a child at Cambo School, we are pleased to renew our partnership with you.

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