School Prospectus

The  Director of Education  and skills is Audrey Kingham.   

You can download our School Prospectus as a PDF file below.

Addition to prospectus      [this paragraph will be added to  23-24 Prospectus]                                                                                                                                                                       

How interventions are managed at Cambo to support those children who need more time and input

  1. We know our children well, we plan for children with SEND to come into school and transition through year groups
  2. As a small school staff we talk about our children regularly and share progress and  interventions
  3. We have quality-first teaching
  4. high staff /child ratio  where possible whether staff/volunteers
  5. early identification prior to Reception [strong links with PVI setting] and during school
  6. PLPs in place to develop support plans and ensure we have the required two waves of intervention should we need to progress concerns.
  7. Strong external links with relevant services  e.g. Educational Psychologist, Behaviour / ASD /speech and language.
  8. excellent highly qualified  TA’s who are able to  support groups and individual pupils effectively with enthusiasm.
  9. Support staff who are able to support the class teacher ably in teaching and learning
  10. External teaching support developed with Dyslexia/Dyscalculia support
  11. Strong CPD outlined in SEND tab
  12. We have good relationships with our families and share with them aims/objectives/actions

prospectus 23-24

prospectus 22-23