Physical Exercise


 Sainsbury’s School Games – a great new opportunity to get more young people than ever before enjoying the benefits of playing competitive sport.


Cambo First School’s vision for PE

The whole staff at Cambo First School believe that:
Physical Education is unique. It involves a variety of physical activities including sports,
dance, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor activities. These activities are
culturally valued and play a significant role in social life. Physical Education, educates
young people in and through the use and knowledge of the body and it’s movement.
Through PE we aim to develop physical competence so that pupils are able to move
efficiently , effectively and safely understanding what and how they are doing. We
believe that every child is entitled to a broad, balanced, and progressive curriculum which
is planned and differentiated to address and meet the needs of each individual.

We wish to develop sport and personal challenge for all young people from an early age as we believe the adoption of healthy lifestyles at first school will embed good behaviour for further well being.  Such behaviours will then move through from early childhood to adolescence and into adulthood.

At the centre of our vision is the aspiration for all young people to partake in a minimum of two hours organised school sport per week.

Cambo First School is part of the  Active Northumberland/Morpeth/Ponteland MPSSP which aims to deliver a high quality programme of PE and School Sport for young people in our schools. They are:

  • the only provider in Northumberland that has been recognised and endorsed as a corporate member of The Association for Physical Education (afPE),  which  is the only PE Subject Association in the UK.  They have acknowledged that we support their core beliefs which are to:

    • Recognise high quality providers who support PE & School Sport professionals to achieve the best outcomes for young people

    • Work in partnership with afPE in a variety of activities to achieve the above

    • Promote providers who are Business Associates to the Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity sector

  • the only provider to work in partnership with Create Development, this progressive company support the ethos that we all need to develop a positive relationship with physical activity for every child.  Our core CPD offer for next year will be centred around their ”real PE” programme alongside the digital platform Jasmine which will give confidence to any non specialist teacher to deliver a meaningful child centred PE programme that will engage and challenge every child in their class.

  • a team of experienced qualified PE teachers and Level 2 sports coaches that support delivery in schools and we aim  to ensure that High Quality PE is at the heart of the curriculum and that it supports the whole school improvement agenda.

Attached are a number of membership offers with costings, it is our aim to give a consistent offer for all of Northumberland however we will always try to ensure that every school has a bespoke service so if you have a specific requirement please get in touch and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


At Cambo First School:
1. We offer a broad, balanced, progressive physical education program which is linked to the
National Curriculum Programmes of Study supported by the key skills/NC objectives,
and the EYFS Framework.
2. We provide the children in our care with an environment that encourages
physical activity.
3. We teach children the importance of staying active within their everyday life,
for life.

Cambo First School is part of the  Active Northumberland/Morpeth/Ponteland MPSSP which aims to deliver a high quality programme of PE and School Sport for young people in our schools. 


Impact assessment 


Sport-overview 2020

PE Plan

PE at Cambo

At Cambo we believe that our curriculum has an overarching impact on creating firm foundations in which children can lead a lifelong healthy lifestyle. We believe that PE strengthens children’s mental health, resilience and learning giving them a variety of social skills that they can use throughout their lives.

We hold a Sainsbury’s Gold PE award and have done for two years in a row.

At Cambo we aim to:

  • give all children the opportunity to access a variety of sports and physical activities which will allow them to develop a love for sport and potentially pursue a physical activity within the local community.
  • To highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and show pupils how physical education can assist in achieving this.

At Cambo we use specialist PE teachers/Teachers and coaches to ensure our children have access to high quality PE lessons. Our main aim is to develop the child’s knowledge and skill set through a range of whole class, group or individual activities. Teachers/coaches draw upon good examples of performance and allow children to demonstrate and model to the class. We encourage children to evaluate performance by using observations and technology.

At Cambo, our children take part in a minimum of 2 hours of sporting activity a week.

As part of this process, in lessons teachers:

  •        Plan  PE lessons to include a foci on key vocabulary in linked sporting skills.
  •        Use small step, sequential sequencing of sessions to develop skills.
  •        Incorporate equipment into each lesson to scaffold difficult tasks
  •        Ensure that all children shake hands to foster/ promote a positive  attitude.
  •        Use online resources/videos to help demonstrate skills
  •        Include competitive situations to challenge and foster resilience.
  •        Provide opportunities for children to reflect and refine.
  •        Use skills progression document to ensure learners build upon prior knowledge.
  •        Teachers and Tas use CPD and observations of coaches sessions to build upon their skill sets and use this to plan further sequential and impactful sessions.


Encouraging, promoting and providing opportunities for children and their families to lead active and healthy lifestyles underpins our school aims. We achieve this by:

  • Providing a wide range of after school sporting activities.
  • Encouraging children and their families to take part in local and National programmes
  • Making lessons as active as possible
  • Promoting healthy food choices.
  • Learning about planting and growing crops to help sustain a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Encouraging our Class 2 children to lead games during playtimes.
  • Providing resources to make playtimes active.


As a school we participate in many sporting competitions including football, gymnastics, rugby, athletics, tennis and many more. We believe in healthy competition teaching the children to do their best and be gracious in victory and defeat. The school also runs a wide variety of after school clubs, some of which are led by coaches, and teachers e.g. football, cricket, Tag Rugby, Basket ball, dance and many more.


Children in Reception are in a mixed age class, therefore they have access to specialist PE alongside their year 1 peers for two hours per week. We believe that PE is a building block to supporting the development of early writing, building resilience, promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting the development of social skills.

There are further opportunities for children to encounter PE throughout the EYFS (both inside and outside) – through both planned activities and the self-selection of easily accessible resources and play equipment.

Teachers plan activities that support children’s fine motor and gross motor movements during structured and play based sessions.

PE Ideology Morpeth Partnership

pe policy 19

FINAL Morpeth Partnership PE

Morpeth and Ponteland Calendar 2019-2020 (1)

Morpeth Partnership LOA Term time Leaflet – final

MPSSP Summer Newsletter 2019 Final (1)

School Sports Team: Year 4


For up to date information of School Games/PE in school see School Games Notice Board in school

COVID 19  – Sainsburys/Active Learn have announced that schools will not  complete and apply for their Active School Mark for 2019/20. Instead they will keep the award attained in 18/19. Sadly all tournaments have been cancelled both inter and intra and indeed schools all closed to children on 20th March. Thankfully Becky our School Sports Organiser has sent out many plans and ideas for PE at home and many children have carried out the activities along with fishing, running, yoga, cycling and fitness! With our return to school in September we can only hope that our PE fixtures can take place safely under the Covid restrictions!

Cambo Football Tournament 5th October 2019-The first football tournament of the year

Many thanks to Donald for organising a wonderful tournament. I know how stressful this organisation is. I also know I added to that stress, worrying about the weather and the state of the pitch. I have my Health and Safety head on… Donald as always, is thinking of the  kids, the tournament, the first football /last football until after Christmas. I am pleased to say Donald was right the pitch did hold up and we had no accidents at all save to our football strips.  Which were absolutely filthy. Cambo came third on this occasion, Stannington being the overall winners  on points and goals scored. Well done Cambo I know you won quite a few of your matches, you worked hard for each other and gave great commitment. Well done to you all! Our thanks also go to Archie Glass an ex pupil and Young Sports Leader.  I know I thanked him on the day for being our referee, but if anyone sees him remember to give him a well done pat on the back. What a consummate professional he was throughout the tournament! It just seems like yesterday that he was running round our pitch with his Cambo shirt on! Bless! Well done everyone for a fantastic tournament

Children’s comments:

James- I wanted to win and I wanted to get to the final aah I really wanted to!

Abi – Well I didn’t get injured this time and I played in all the games

Thomas – I scored two goals in the first game and I scored loads and I tackled and got the ball loads of times

Archie – I scored in the first game and that give me loads of confidence to get some more

George –  I tried my best and I helped Archie and Thomas score the goals

William –  Look at me I’m filthy but I’ve had a good time. I wanted to win and we did win sometimes.

Ben – I went out there and I did tackles and made sure that people didn’t score much. It was hard sometimes with Stannington but they won anyway.



Swimming/Gymnastic Federation Festival  28/3/19

The whole school were chomping at the bit to take part in our annual swimming and gymnastic festival at Willowburn Leisure Centre with children from our federation schools e.g. Longhorsley, Whalton and Belsay. We were able to enter two teams into both tournaments

School Games Gymnastic Tournament 13/2/19

We were only able to enter one team of Y4 children into this festival rather than two. This is the first time we have taken part in the School Games element of Gymnastics. We have our own federation festival with Longhorsley and Whalton, but the children really wanted to take part in the School Games. All Year 4s had the opportunity to take part and they thoroughtly enjoyed themselves!

Federation Rugby Tournament 25th October2018

Well done everyone what a super tournament  you all worked so hard and supported each other well. We weren’t the overall winners but we won lots of games, with some super individual performances! Well done everyone

We joined Longhorsley and Whalton school at Morpeth Rugby Club to partake in our annual touch rugby tournament.  Each school entered two teams. We had loads of fun and the coaching was excellent. We won some, lost some but we kept going no matter what. Well done everyone!

School Games Rugby Tournament 24th October 2018

We entered one team into the School Games tournament at Morpeth. Wow there were lots of schools, we won some, lost some but always we had fun! What a good way to put your skills into play. Super sportsmanship too!

Cambo Football Tournament 6th Sept 18 

Well what a wonderful day we had for our Autumn Fayre and our Football Tournament. Belsay, Longhorsley, Whalton and  Stannington joined us for a morning of excellent sport! The sportsmanship was excellent and the games were well supported. The outcome  a draw between Cambo and Longhorsley. In the end the outcome was decided on goal difference! Longhorsley lifted the trophy! And did we moan and groan… Nope we shook hands, smiled and got on with it! Never was I prouder of you all! Well done, and a big well done to Donald and Steven who managed and refereed the matches! A super day!

Cricket Tournament  School Games

The last tournament of the year. Phew it was hot, hot, hot. This year we joined in with schools in the wider Ponteland Partnership to play cricket!. It was the first time we had been to Ponteland Cricket Club but we really enjoyed it! we won some and lost some, and the children had a fabulous time.

Cambo Football Tournament 7th July 2018

School Games Award 2018

Well it is silver again! but what a silver. Another excellent year of PE and Sport at Cambo. Well deserved everyone!


Orienteering Festival 22/6/18

On a hot summers day we sent 13 mixed pairs to the tournament [all of the Y3/4s] The competition was excellent and there were a lot of schools present, some with over 40 pairs per school, so the competition was also extensive. Two of our girls came 5th in the girls competition and two of our boys came 8th in their competition. Well done everyone you supported each other ably  and shouted support to get those struggling home!

Whalton Tournament 29th June 218

Well done everyone another super tournament, you all showed such good sportsmanship throughout  the tournament. I was never prouder! We fielded three teams,  girls team, a mixed team at KS2 and a mixed team at KS1. Well done to Anna, player of the tournament. That England ball is fabulous!

Belsay Tournament 20th June 2018

Well the weather held off for us at Belsay! Thank goodness as our children took to the field . We only had enough for one team but boy oh boy did they play some good football. A splendid goal by Holly, was the talking point of the morning after! We showed super skills and good resilience and sportsmanship. Well done everyone, third place!

Stannington Tournament  16th June 2018

Well done everyone who played for Cambo at Stannington. There were several schools there including Belsay, Whalton, Longhorsley and Stannington. We played all morning and there was very little difference in the score lines e.g. a lot of draws! There were medals galore for everyone, as everyone was a winner! Well done Belsay as they came first on this occasion! And well done to Tilly who was footballer of the tournament! A super job everyone, and excellent sportsmanship

Longhorsley Football Tournament 17/5/18

Belsay, Cambo,Longhorsley and Whalton

Well done everyone what a super tournament. You all did so well. Wonderful skill, super collaboration and excellent sportsman ship! Extra time, penalties and a golden goal!

The score line :

Team A came 1st

Team B came 2nd

Well done everyone you were all winners!

Swimming Festival/Gymnastic Festival [All KS2  pupils]

Well done everyone in KS2 2nd in the gymnastic festival. Excellent

Many wins in the swimming festival, we were pipped at the post!

Many thanks to Sam Dronesfield for organising the Gym and to Alnwick leisure centre staff for the wonderful competition

all of the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tag Rugby and Multi skills [all of KS2]

What a super time we had working with Longhorsley and Whalton school’s. The competition was fabulous and the win was well fought!  Well done everyone excellent work and lots of fun! Our tag rugby was further enhanced through Newcastle Falcons. The children took part in a 5 week deaf awareness course using signing etc within a game situation. The teaching and learning were excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

Cambo Football Tournament

Well done to everyone at the Cambo Tournament. What a wonderful morning we all had. Both of our teams did really well. The tigers or was it the lions finishing second? Super attitude! Well done Stannington who came first!

Silver Award for 2017

Well it was not to be this year, silver again! Fingers crossed for next year! Well done everyone!

School Games 2017 application

Oh heck where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday we were completing our School Games application and now it is July again. Thank Goodness Franki Clark the Morpeth/Ponteland SSCO dropped us an email or we would have totally forgotten all about it. We have been so busy with our School Games sports day which was held on Tuesday 18th July. Luckily the weather was fabulous, the children took part in some excellent sport and what a fantastic sporting attitude they displayed! They never fail to amaze us! And who won the overall cup… THE BLUE TEAM- YEYYYYYY! Only one more sleep to go before the holidays begin! So application completed, result pending. I will let you know how we get on. I know the children are hoping for gold this year and have worked hard towards this outcome but…

Kayaking/Paddle boarding at Ladyburn Lake

Well the School Sports Team have organised a lot of things, asked for a lot of things, and thought of a lot of things. Kayaking and paddle boarding have been the best sports ever! The Y4s were able to work with coaches on Ladyburn Lake. We also had a brilliant festival with Longhorsley, Tritlington and Whalton children. Absolutely fabulous. A brilliant culmination to the year and as the children said:

‘Mrs Cummings this has to be organised again for Y3 and Y4 next year. They will be so skilled if we do it every year. It is good for your health and keeps you fit’. Joseph.

It was totally awesome. So hard but so much fun. Owen

Longhorsley Tournament

Wow!! what a tournament. We entered two teams and  were lucky, or rather , skilled enough to win! We have won so many tournaments on points this year and then lost out on the final. It was good to have the most points and win the final against Longhorsley this time!

Well done everyone!

Cambo Fete Tournament 1st July 2017

A football tournament was held in Cambo village as part of our Cambo Village Fete. Several schools entered the tournament including Longhorsley, Whalton, Belsay and Stannington.

Stannington Football Tournament  28/6/17

Well done everyone who played in the tournament. After a very busy day at Hadrian’s Wall the children  rushed back to get to the tournament. The weather remained cold and the threat of rain was imminent! The children were cold and tired but that didn’t stop them from giving there all. On this occasion we were third and Cragside came first! Well done everyone!

Orienteering Festival 20th June

Well done to everyone at Cambo you all worked so hard in developing your orienteering skills and putting those skills to good use. The improvement in skill is very apparent and watching you all race around the school field/yard with your markers… it didn’t matter who won in the end. You were all brilliant.

Whalton Football Tournament

Well done everyone, what a super attitude you all showed in playing for Cambo. Well done for Team 1 who came second to Belsay First School! It is good to see someone else winning for a change, poor Cambo there was only one goal difference between 1st and 2nd place!

Skipping Festival 24th May 17

Well didn’t we have a marvellous time!? All of the children set off for Morpeth Leisure Centre to take part in our federation Skipping day along with Stannington, Whalton and Longhorsley First School. There were lots and lots of Golds and Silver awards handed out by Chris Cochoran! We weren’t able to capitalise on this with an overall win but there were some spectacular moments e.g. Poor Martha fell in the group skipping dance and still got up to finish. WELL DONE EVERYONE A SUPER FESTIVAL!

School Games- Tag Rugby entry tournament – 5th May 2017

Well done to Cambo Teams 1 and 2. who attended the Morpeth Tag Rugby competition. Their were teams from all of the Morpeth schools. Cambo took all of the Y3/4 children. Team 1 came second which was an excellent achievement  as we just missed a place in the School Games! Well done everyone and well played! Whether winning or losing we showed great courage and commitment. [super gamesmanship too!]

TriGolf Tournament 4th April 2017

We held our annual trigolf tournament at Morpeth Golf Club on Tuesday 4th April with Whalton and Longhorsley children. Martyn Jobling led the tournament ably and all of the children practiced their many skills in fair and fun competition. There were several winners from all schools, but more importantly… What fun we had! And did we also say … the sun shone brightly and the temperature was 18 degrees! Wow what a day!

Swimming/Gymnastics festival – February 17

The whole school visited Willowburn Leisure Centre on February 13th 2017 to take part in a swimming competition and Gymnastic Festival with our friends from Longhorsley First and Whalton Primary.  What a fantastic time we had. The journey was long and the road was very windey! We arrived 10 minutes late but ready to go! There were tee shirts, skirts, trousers, shoes and all sorts of clothing all over the place as we hurriedly got ready for the events.  Sam Dronesfield led the festival which showcased all of our special moves and the staff at the leisure centre led the swimming

Cambo came 3rd in the deep end swimming events, [With Longhorsley taking 1st place],

and first and second in the shallow end swimming events. They were overjoyed with the trophy which was presented in assembly as well as at the leisure centre!

Specific children were given medals for their super effort

Well done everyone, we were absolutely exhausted on the way home and for the rest of the day BUT surprisingly, we lost only a few items of clothing!


School Games Football November 16

We were only able to enter Y4 children into the School Games which seems/ed very unfair for small schools,with small numbers. I have argued this point on many occasions but to no avail. Thus we entered one team into the competition. The children played beautifully. They began the tournament as mice and ended like lions, coming second on their pitch! Well done everyone!

Tag Rugby/Multi skills Festival October 16

Well done to all of the teams who took part in the Federation rugby festival / Multi Skills Festival. Once again we were so close to winning, getting through to the semi finals, but it was not to be on this occasion. Well done everyone!

Football Tournament October 16

Well done to everyone who took part in the Cambo School Tournament held alongside our Autumn Fayre! We entered two teams alongside Whalton, Stannington and Belsay. Team one got through to the final and were beaten on penalties!!!!!!! Oooh, such an awful way to lose, but both of our teams played brilliantly!

Intra/Football/Cricket 18th  and 19th July

Two very hot days but lots of good sportsmanship! well done everyone and many thanks to Matthew Senior and Robert Hodgson. Fabulous coaching!

Silver Award

Well done everyone a silver award for sport and PE across Cambo. Fingers crossed gold next time!

School Games

Well done to everyone in school. Teachers, Governors, Parents and children alike! Today we were successful in gaining our School Games Silver Award for PE in schools. Hopefully we will manage gold next year! To do this we need to train more pupil leaders and set up a school games committee, aims for 2016/17 for our School Improvement Plan!


Well ladies and gentlemen how proud are we! how proud am i, and how proud are your parents, and more importantly how proud are you of yourselves and each other. FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!

High 5s low 5s, pats on the back and much much more
ps well done Donald too!!!!!

Belsay Tournament

Well done everyone a super performance, you didn’t win the trophy, but you worked so hard for each other. Some super crosses and tackles. Donald was very impressed as was Mrs. Patterson. You are getting better and better!

Stannington Tournament

Fantastic effort Y3/4 you won some, drew some and lost some but you never gave up! well done! and Well done to Cragside Primary who took the trophy!

Orienteering festival June 17th 2016

What a wonderful venue to have our orienteering festival at. And although not hot and summery what fun. 9 pairs of children running around looking for the markers! Well done everyone and some very fast times! [and dare I say medals!!!!!]

Whalton Tournament 10/6/16

What a wonderful day today! We celebrated the queens birthday at 2pm and by 4pm we were at the Whalton tournament. The weather wasn’t brilliant but our children, as always, gave 100%!

Our little ones from Reception, Y1 and Y2 worked hard and played hard winning some matches but they were unable to gain a place in the final this time! Some excellent performances and those girls in their pink socks and yellow trainers! The fashionistas of the football team! Well done all.

Unfortunately on this occasion our KS2 team were runners up in the final.  Ironically we beat the team who won in the previous game e.g. Longhorsley. The children were a little down hearted as they really wanted to win, but they recovered quickly. Again some super football and goal keeping! 2.5 hours of football. Phew not sure any of us could do that!

Well done to Jack Johnson the managers man of the team!


Well done to Owen Glass the man of the tournament!

Skipping Festival 24th May 2016

All of the children at Cambo took part in the Castle Federation Skipping Festival with children from Stannington, Whalton and Longhorsley. There were over 150 children and there were several different elements in the competition: criss cross, speed bounce, double bounce, side step and many many more. What fun we had and how many elements of the competition we either won or were runners up in! What a fabulous day of sport!

Longhorsley First School Tournament 20th May 2016

Fantastic Footballers

Well done to our fantastic footballers who really did us all proud at the Longhorsley Football Tournament Team 1 topped the tournament while KS1 were runners up in their games. How proud are we. Excellent behaviour, excellent support and excellent performance! well done everyone!

10th May 2016

It was a glorious, sunny day armed with packed lunches and pe kits the children from Cambo headed to Morpeth Chantry Middle School to take part in the Tag Rugby Tournament with several other schools in the Morpeth Partnership. The children were so excited and very much up for the challenge! Mrs. Barron and Kate were so proud of them. They worked as a team, were very supportive of each other and as Eva said everyone took on a role without being asked so the play was a very natural! Our A team came 2nd on their pitch being beaten on number of tries e.g. they were unbeaten! Our B team came first on their pitch again unbeaten! How proud did we all feel! WELL DONE EVERYONE!

14th March 2016

The whole school visited Willowburn Leisure Centre to take part in our Federation Swimming Gala. There were children from Longhorsley and Whalton. We had team competitive swimming in Y3/4. Back stroke, Front Crawl and breast stroke were just a few of the races! Although we had several children placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The point were totaled and On this occasion Whalton First School came first. Children in Y1/2 took part in fun races whilst Reception had the opportunity to take part in a fun swimming session. What an excellent day we all had. So much fun, competition and good sportsmanship!

well done everyone! 

22nd October – School Games tournament at Ponteland Middle School.

The school games tournaments never feel really fair, namely because we aren’t allowed to enter our Y3 children if we want to get to the actual school games. In a small school this is really difficult as we don’t have the numbers… but still we enter. Our Y4s were on a residential on 19th,20th and 21st October. They came back shattered but knew they had a tournament to compete in! They dragged themselves into school and traveled to Ponteland Middle School and rallied themselves for a fantastic morning. There were 11 schools taking part in the tournament some large, some very large and some small! In true David and Golliath style they took to the pitch and gave their all! I am pleased to say that they came third in the event which is just brilliant! A big well done everyone. Morpeth First School took first place and Morpeth Stobhillgate took second. Once again, well done everyone, it was a real team effort!

15th October -Tag Rugby tournament/Multi Skills tournament for KS1/EYFS

What a lovely time we had at Morpeth Rugby Club, where we took part in a tournament with Longhorsley, Whalton and Stannington. Like the other schools we were able to have three teams A,B,C and they all played very well. Their skills were put to the test and there was a great deal of good sportsmanship! Cambo A team came second and Whalton won on this occasion. Well done everyone!

Whilst the older children were playing tag rugby the younger ones were developing their multi skills at Morpeth Riverside  with children from the same schools, in a festival environment. Once again well done to all! We can really see where our budding athletes are coming from!

Cambo School Tournament 26th September 2015

It was a lovely Autumn day, the sun was shining and there was many a hopeful face on the field. Would this be Cambo’s year? The teams arrived from Belsay and Whalton. Cambo had two teams so we called one of them Scots Gap and one Cambo. Tony Glass was our Ref and he did a sterling job. The tournament ran like clockwork.  Cambo were runners up in the tournament but I am pleased to say Scots Gap were the overall winners. They were all so proud of themselves! As one proud mum said. They have been waiting for so long to hold up that trophy! Photos galore! lots of skill and such excellent sporting attitudes. Well done everyone! You were all fabulous!


How fabulous, a silver School Games award. Yehehehhhh! well done everyone for a super year of PE, games and festivals both children and adults alike this year’s sport has been fabulous! And what super coaching! Well done everyone again! AND to cap it all we had a fabulous visit by Katy Storie, international rugby star! The children were thrilled, enthralled and inspired by her talk! INSPIRATIONAL!

Cambo Fete

What a fabulous performance our KS2 children put in! wow 2nd with seven teams playing. Well done everyone

Orienteering festival 19th June 2015

What a fabulous time we had at the orienteering festival. we were all raring to go as we stood at the time station in our pairs. We had 7 pairs in total, which isnt a lot when you consider how many children and schools were taking part! Everyone tried their best and we were well rewarded with a first, second and third place in the small schools section! Well done everyone!

Stannington Tournament 13th June 2015/11th July 2015

Well how many teams were at this tournament! Many we had never played before there were meant to be 9 but two dropped out because of the weather. We didnt win but boy oh boy we were close. We are getting better and better every time we play!

Whalton Tournament 12th June

Well didnt we all do well with our Older and our younger children! Thank goodness it was a warmer evening than the Longhorsley tournament! There were three pitches set up for the football. We thought there was only going to be Whalton, Longhorsley and Cambo but OH NO … there was also Stannington and Belsay there too! Once again we won some, drew some and lost some! Everyone played with such vigour. Longhorsley A team took the cup for the older ones and Whalton came in first this time with the little ones. Cambo came second! AND Joe Moll got player of the tournament. Well done everyone. You did us proud!

Longhorsley Tournament 15th May 15

The evening was cold, the rain fell heavily but the children were so excited to be playing in a tournament. The venue the village greens in Longhorsley. What fun we had, what lovely food and what wonderful football. I was never so proud! The behavour was excellent whether winning or being defeated. Fantastic sportsmanship all aroun. Our older children came third and our younger team came first. Well done everyone . You were so deserving of that trophy! And if I could have moved from the frozen position I would have danced all the way down the field! BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELVES!

Swimming Festival at Willowburn Leisure Centre 12th May 2015

The day was windy and showery and we arrived slightly late to Willowburn after a very windy windey journey. The children were all raring to go! Along with the children from our federation schools: Whalton and Lonhorsley. There were over 100 children some in the little pool, some in the shallow end of the pool and some in the big pool. We worked in teams to complete loads of fun activities! Our friends cheered us on and we swam for England, like little, silvery fish! Who won?No idea!  We think team 1? But did it matter…No as we were all winners! And what a fantastic swimming centre, brilliant life guards and swimming instructors!  Some of our little ones in Reception -Y2 found it difficult at first e.g. the water was choppy and deep, but they persevered no matter what!  WELL DONE EVERYONE !

Tag Rugby Tournament 17th October 14

What fabulous coaching we have had this year re Tag Rugby. The children across the school have thoroughly enjoyed it! Several have been signposted to clubs to carry on this brilliant sport even in Reception! Who would have thought when William [y4] and his Dad [coach/governor] delivered those sessions at school would have inspired so many to play. Unfortunately Class 1 had to settle with a tournament in school but class 2 extended this at Morpeth Rugby Club where girls and boys alike took part in a festival with our federation schools. We didnt win but boy were we close with both of our teams!

Football at Cambo

We are so fortunate to have Dave Hooper from the FA Skills Program working in school at the moment. Dave works with all of the children for 2 hours to develop football skills and the game of football! The first session occurred on Tuesday 14/4/15 and the children were raring to go! As were the teachers who are also learning on the job! So enthusuastic  all around and we have five more sessions to go! Parents are even going to get the chance to see us in action

AND we have several football tournaments to take part in this summer both within and outside of school so honing our skills is the name and football is the game!

Tournaments at : Longhorsley, Whalton, Stannington, Belsay,Cambo Village Fete and Cambo throughout the summer.

Skipping Festival  February 15

Cambo, Whalton, Longhorsley and Stannington First Schools developed their skipping skills via Chris Cochoran and his staff, who came into each school for half a term for 2 hours. The sessions culminated in a fabulous festival where all of the children took part. 

Hooray not silver but bronze, which is excellent for a small school. Silver next year, to achieve it we need to enter more level 2 competitions. 😆

Hula Hooping Festival

Our little ones had a lovely time at the hula hoop festival in Morpeth on the 15th July 2014. We took 22 children including Reception, Y1 and Y2 to the event. What super hula hoopers they were when working with Debbie and Hoopstarz! They had completed a 6x1hr after school class and it showed! Hula on the move, hula on the ankle, hula on the neck … Hula everywhere! what fun the children had. They could all hula hoop regardless of their age! WELL DONE TO ALL!


The children have worked with John Crosby to develop orienteering skills. The children entered into an orienteering competition at Wallington on the 20th June 14. There were over 200 children in attendance. Most were year 4s. However at Cambo we dont have enough children to just send Y4s. We included Y3/4 and even a couple of Y2s! We had 9 paired teams.

It was good to see the boys coming third overall and two of our youngest children got a highest commendation! So well done to all!

School Games -Sports Day

What fun we had three teams, RED, GREEN AND BLUE, and only one point between them after the swimming festival! The children were revved up to go, the community turned out in force to watch them and cheer them on! There was no fuss only excellent sportsman ship! Everyone was a winner but on this occasion Coquet the blue team won and received the Calverly cup [everyone else got a medal and the evening was rounded off by a community barbeque! The sun shone and everyone was happy.. what more could we ask for?

sports day


We were meant to attend the Morpeth/Ponteland Cricket tournament at Blagdon Cricket Club on the 8th July 2014. However the heavens opened and all was lost. We had a small cricket tournament at school some days later, but we will have to wait until next year to play in the big tournament!

Staff CPD

External: Dance, Gymnastics, Assessment in PE, Skipping

Internal:  Teachers have worked alongside a PE specialist for one afternoon per week for 20 weeks to develop rugby/football/tennis/skipping delivery/differentiation and Assessment

TAs’s:  skipping, multikskills

Children: Youngs Sport Leaders 6x2hour sessions Autumn 1

Annual Competitions linked to School Games/federation/small schools cluster

Gymnastics, football, trigolf, dance,  tag rugby, dance

football,cricket, multiskills, dance,

We also play in football tournaments with Belsay, Stannington, Longhorsley, Whalton. Each of us taking our turns to host over the year. KS1 and KS2

Extra Curricular PE  Activities program for the year [All children in school are welcome to attend]

Football – Autumn 1st half term, softball -Autumn 2nd half term, Dance -Spring 1st half term, Tri-Golf-Spring 2nd half Rugby -Summer 1st half term, Athletics – Summer 2nd half term

 Hula Hooping -Hoopstarz plus 6×1 hour sessions across the school Summer term 1

1 day Bikeability Y3/4 Summer term 1

1/2 day Orienteering linked to festival of Morpeth/Ponteland Schools

Taster Sessions: Fencing, archery, judo.

 Outcomes of PE questionnaire 2014-15 [carried out biannually]

Links to clubs

This section contains links to external websites for local sports providers.

We try to ensure that all of these links are correct, however, they do have knack of changing, we cannot accept responsibility for the contents of third party websites. If you find a link that has ceased to function, or discover an issue with the content of one of these websites please draw it to the attention of a member of the school’s staff immediately.

Judo Club – Morpeth

Creative Dance North East – Cheryl Day

Skipping – Chris Corcoran

Gymnastics – Sam Dronsfield (offers clubs at Willowburn Leisure Centre)


Ponteland Rugby Club
Morpeth Rugby Club


Ponteland Tennis Club
Morpeth Tennis Club


Willowburn Leisure Centre, Alnwick

Mondays    4-5           5-6:45

Fridays       4-5           5-6:15            6:15-7:30

Saturdays   9-10         10-11             11-12


01665 605030


Ponteland Juniors
Morpeth Minis


Morpeth Leisure Centre
01670 514665
Ponteland Leisure Centre 01661 825441  Children from Reception to Year 4 have either Ashlee or Zelah.