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Cambo First School-admissions

Admissions Handbook for 2021 and further information can be found at this link address:



Click here for advice on the admission of summer born babies  (Department for Education)

Friday 1 November 2021 Application process opens
leaflet on how to apply
15/01/23 Closing date for all applications to be received by the Local Authority
17/04/23 National Offer Day.  E-mails sent to those parents who applied online and who requested to be informed by email.
Parents who applied on a paper form will have a letter sent out to them today
01/05/23 Deadline for parents to refuse the school place.
  Any places that become available are allocated in criteria order (on time applicants)
  All remaining places allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  No waiting lists held by the Local Authority after this date.


2020 Equalities Cambo First School (1)

access cambo 20-24(PJC_Comments) (2) (2)

Cambo Equality Policy 2022 – May22 (1)

                                  Equalities Cambo First School 2022 update (1)


Health and Safety Law [HSL]

health and safety law for school employers:employees


Worried about someone being radicalised?

If you are worried that someone you know is being radicalised, visit http://www.actearly.uk/ You won’t be wasting anyone’s time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them.
For help and advice visit www.actearly.uk, or call the national Police Prevent Advice Line on 0800 011 3764, in confidence, and  specially trained Prevent officers will listen carefully to your concerns.

These policies are updated annually or as and when changes occur. All updated school policies are available for perusal in the school office. Parents can request copies of policies by contacting Mrs. Cummings or Carol Flatman on 01670 774210

Policies [all policies ratified by the full governing body, policy lists, reviewing dates etc are available in the school office]

EYFS Policy

Induction_of New Staff Policy 22

Cambo Whistle BLowing Policy

Cambo restructure-redundancy policy

Cambo Attendance Management Policy Framework – October 2021 (1)

Cambo Resolving Grievances At Work Framework – March 2022

Cambo Disciplinary Policy Framework – May 2021 (1)

pdf rshe march 21 review doc

Use of reasonable force handout

cambo first cp-safeguarding 22.docx

behaviour policy 22-23

Online_Safety Policy aut 22

Special_Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy_2022092 (1) (1)

antibullying 22

Attendance Policy Cambo 22

Photography_and-Videos-At-School 21

Teacher_Appraisal Policy_2022091 (1)


ofsted whistle blowing child protection


Cambo school coordinators

Cambo First School British Values

Charging Policy

Complaints Policy

Arrival and Collection

ESafety Policy Cambo 22

Attendance Policy Cambo 22

Confidentiality Policy Cambo 22

Teacher_Appraisal Policy_2022091 (1)

LAC Policy

Protection of Biometric Information Policy


Bereavment Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions- December 2019

Cambo Evolve Policy 20

Digital safety during COVID-19 Northumberland (1)

Cambo Pupil_Remote Learning Policy

Contractors Policy Cambo

Infection_Control Policy august 20

Low-level_Safeguarding Concerns Policy 22

Pupils_with Additional Health Needs Attendance Policy 22

Special_Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy_2022092 (1)

(1) Equalities Cambo First School 2022 update (1)



School_Cleaning Policy cambo

Volunteer Policy 22

cambo leave of absence policy 21 (2)

discipline policy 21

Cambo First School reviewed Educational_Visits_Policy January 2022