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What’s happening this week?

Week beginning 14th June 2021 


a.m. – Hannah Middleton RE/Assembly across with both class bubbles

p.m. – Football across the school with Alex – class bubbles /outdoors


a.m. – 

p.m. – Swimming in class 2 [1st sittings for lunch]

Wednesday .

a.m. –  Michelle Fowler ‘Photographs’  individual/family grouping/class grouping please don’t forget to let Carol know your requirements.

p.m. –  Tennis across the school with Mrs Armstrong – class bubbles /outdoors

p.m. – Music across the school with Peter Brown


a.m.. – Life Path- Class 2 Mustard Tree Trust staff to visit school for a day of RE/St Cuthbert

p.m. –


a.m. -Music/Violin across the school with Mrs Hedley

p.m.-  Music/ Peripatetic music with Kathy Anderson

p.m. – Hula Hooping across the school with Debbie Donaldson


Sadly there will be no community assemblies on Fridays or football after school this half term due to COVID 19 arrangements in school. Hopefully these will resume in September 2021.












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