Important Information/School Closure/Events

Week Beginning 15th June 2020  

Cambo School reopening arrangements for parents

Dear parents,

Following the government’s announcement on the 10th May 2020 stating schools will reopen, I am writing to share with you our thoughts and the arrangements we will implement to ensure the safety of staff, pupils and visitors to the school is maximised.

Cambo is a small school with limited space. To meet the current guidelines outlined by the Government we will be operating admissions for N/R/Y1 on a part time basis to ensure that all of these groups are able to access school/education . This will continue until further guidance is issued via the Department of Education regarding other pupils accessing school and safety guidelines associated with this.

Starting dates for each social bubble:

3rd June – Key Worker/Vulnerable children and Cambo Pre School

8th June – Reception will return to school 2 days per week alongside Key Worker/Vulnerable children and Cambo Pre School

15th June – R and Y1 will return to school each group 2 days per week alongside   Key Worker/Vulnerable children and Cambo Pre School

Fridays will be used for staff to deep clean the school and Key Worker/Vulnerable children group

Johanne Hodgson will inform Pre School parents of procedures associated with opening from 3rd June 20.

We are looking forward to seeing the children once again, However from the week beginning June 1st 2020 the school will only be open Key Personnel/Vulnerable Children/ nursery/Reception and Year 1 children. Fingers crossed we may see the children in other year groups by the end of the summer term.   For Reception and Year 1 parents I would like to reassure you that the safety of our  community is our top priority. We will continue to review the arrangements we have implemented at this stage, and update you with any changes as and when we make them.


The school day will be from until 3.15.


We recognise that some of you may have concerns about your child returning to school and that for some children another change will be unsettling for them. We also understand that the past weeks will have been challenging for many families. If you would like to talk to us about your child and any concerns you have about their return to school, please let us know via telephone/email/Tapestry. We are here to help.


There will be no Breakfast Club or After School facilities until further notice


Our Plan

Week 1 / 1st June 2020

On the 1st/2nd June 2020 School will be open to staff only.  Teachers will complete planning/preparation for children coming into school and for those using the Tapestry platform. They will walk through the changed plans and Risk Assessments.


The Rota is already in place for Key Personnel/Vulnerable children, this will continue from Wednesday 3rd June 2020. New children who are to be added to this group will begin from Wednesday 3rd June. Any parent meeting this criterion must request a place for the following week for consideration, after this initial week. I will contact parents with children in this group regarding the rota, later in the week. Cambo Pre School will also be open to groups from the 3rd June 2020.


Week 2 / 8th June 2020

On the 8th/9th June Reception will come into school – Mrs Cummings will be the lead teacher in working with Reception

Key worker/Vulnerable children rota children will also be in school with Other staff on Rota


Week 3 -15th June 2020

Mon/Tues -Reception will be in school with Mrs Cummings

Wed/Thurs – Year 1 will be in school-Mrs Patterson will be the lead teacher in working with Year 1

Key worker/Vulnerable children rota children will also be in school with Other staff on Rota

*There will be no mid-week entries to either of these groups. Should parents change their mind about a place they must wait for the next teaching week for entry. Spaces will depend on the capacity of the school

*This week will continue until Government guidance changes



Class 2 Staff

Mrs Barron will continue to provide work for Y2/3/4 via our learning platform from home. She will also support the staffing Key personnel/vulnerable children Rota.

Teaching Assistants will support the staffing  of the Key Personnel/ Vulnerable children Rota


Staff Absence

Several members of staff fall into the ‘High Risk’ category re COVID 19. Thus we will have no school cook, no caretaker and no secretary. Please bear with us if you need to contact school. No parent will be allowed to visit school unless urgent, or without an appointment.


Maintaining a safe school environment

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the preventative measures the school has put in place in order to minimise the spread of infection. You really need to ensure that you talk with your child about every area to keep them and others safe.


As per the advice from the government, the following actions for infection control remain in place:

  • Displaying coronavirus infection control measures information posters around the school
  • Encouraging good hygiene by promoting the importance of handwashing for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap in the following circumstances:
    • Before leaving home
    • On arrival at school
    • After using the toilet
    • After breaks and any physical activities
    • Before food preparation
    • Before eating any food, including snacks
    • Before leaving school
  • Installing alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol throughout the school
  • Ensuring pupils and staff understand that they must cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue away/bin it.
  • Ensuring frequently touched objects and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected more regularly than usual
  • Calling NHS 111 if someone becomes unwell, isolating any unwell people in a separate room, where possible
  • Telling staff to stay at home for seven days if they develop symptoms of coronavirus
  • Ensuring children come into school in a staggered process
  • Ensuring social isolation distances where possible, are maintained 2m

As an important part of our school community, I would ask that you continue to encourage good infection control practices, such as thorough handwashing, at home and keep your child informed about the things they can do to discourage the spread of infection. Please do not send wellies/pe kits back to school. They will not be needed. Do not bring anything into school that is unnecessary e.g. toys/things to share…


My child is not well/ has a temperature/cough/feeling sick?



Covid 19

As per the current NHS and government advice, you should keep your child at home if they develop coronavirus symptoms for a period of seven days. Symptoms include a high temperature or a new, continuous cough. Where symptoms continue after seven days, or begin to worsen, you should call 111. If someone in your child’s household has symptoms, your child must self-isolate for 14 days from the day the other person’s symptoms started. This is because it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear. More information regarding symptoms and actions can be found on the NHS website



If you think your child may have been exposed to or has coronavirus, please contact the school on 01670774210 or email

at the earliest opportunity.


Arrangements for the start and end of the school day

The beginning and end of the school day are the busiest times for children and adults congregating together in one place and maintaining safe distances within normal arrangements can be a challenge. We have implemented the following measures for when pupils return to school:

Pupil’s arriving in school- staggered entry and exit  [pinch point area]


By bus 8.45 

Entry by school gate to the right of the school.  Beside Class 1 conservatory. Buses will be met via R/Y1 staff

Children in R/1 will leave the bus last, walking up to school with their key member of staff. They will use the conservatory entrance into school. Children will leave by the same means. Coats and book bags will be placed in each child’s box for use. [positioned under their table]. Children will wash their hands and be shown to their table [warm bowl of water in sink ready with liquid soap etc]


Children in Key worker/Vulnerable children group will be met by the R/1 key member of staff. Observing social distance, they will exit the bus first. They will walk up to school and enter using the rear door. Children will be met by a member of the Key personnel staff. Coats and book bags will be hung up on the Reception coat pegs they will wash their hands in the Male toilet.


By Car/on foot from 9.00am

Children will be met in the school car park by a member of the Key Personnel staff.

R/Y1 will be sent up to school  1 by 1,  observing the social distance rules, 2 meters apart. Children will be met at the conservatory door. They will put bags/coats in their box, wash their hands and sit at their table.

Key personnel children will leave the bus after R/1 children, observing social distancing rules. They will walk up to school with the key personnel teacher, hang up their coats and bags on Reception hangers, wash hands in the boys toilets and enter their allotted area.



  • Only get out of your car when you are asked to do so, when asked, bring your child to the gate.
  • Please leave the car park as soon as your child has left your car.
  • Do not congregate/spend time talking to parents or staff. [I know it is a sad thing to say… but just for the time being]

NB Exit will be on the same basis

Both Key member staff to support exit from school.

1 member on car park l

1 member on buses

Key personnel to exit the building first

Key personnel to send for anyone going to the car park and Bus pick up. Staff will take children to the car park for pick up or to the bus.

AGAIN…Please do not get out of your car until your child is brought to you. Parents on foot. Again, children will be brought to you observing the 2m social distance rule.


Buses will wait in line, children will be taken to each bus.


Please do not be late, more to the point, do not be early. Once again can I reiterate, there can be no congregating re parents and staff.


Door Handles

Will be sanitized after entry, break times, lunch times, exit


Table tops

Will be sanitized on entry, after each session, exit


Sanitizer Points

Sanitizer/gloves are available for all visitors to school at entry/exit doors. Visitors to school e.g. engineers will be encouraged to wear gloves.


Toileting/handwashing [pinch point area]

Children will have a talk/video about importance of washing hands on entry. There will be a hand washing rota/timetable

The classroom sink will be accessible for hand washing at all times and sanitizer/hand wash and towels will be available.

Children will only use the toilet facilities one at a time. This will avoid any contact in the corridor and the porch. Sanitizer/ liquid soap and hand towel is available . Cleanliness in toilets will be checked regularly.



Key personnel / Vulnerable children will use the boys toilets

R/Y1 will use the girls toilets

Pre-School will use the kitchen toilet or Girls toilets.



Bins in hall/toilet areas/classrooms

All areas have bins with lids that close. Bins are foot operated.


Corridor access [pinch point area]

1m stickers are placed on the porch/corridor floors so children know how close they should be to someone. [No child should be in the corridor save for the toilet. Staff will ensure that only one child is in the corridor at a time. [gives children an idea of what 2m is]

Arrangements for break times and lunchtimes

We cannot guarantee any social distancing in any area of the school. We can only mlnimise the risk.

We have no means of preparing food, thus all children would need to bring in a packed lunch.


We recognise the importance for all children to have a break from learning and to enjoy time outside during the school day. Reconnecting with friends will be an important aspect of children settling back into school life, but we have made some adjustments to break and lunch times.


Lunch time for R/1 will be in the classroom/ school field should the weather be good.11.45pm-12.45pm. Lunch time for Key personnel /Vulnerable children will be in the school hall or on the school field should the weather be good 12.30pm -1.30


Children will observe social distancing where possible when outside. They are not allowed to play on the large equipment as we are unable to sanitize between groups effectively. Any small equipment used must be sanitized after use. [ If we find a way to sanitize  large equipment effectively then we will change this rule]


Mrs Birdsall could be available for R/Y1  at lunch time, but this would mean mixing the social bubbles.

So we are going to try and avoid this. Thus staff will lunch with children if at all possible.



As we have no school cook and no means of preparing food, we are asking parents to provide children  with a healthy packed lunch. Your child will require a drink with this e.g. water or flavoured water.  Make sure all elements of the packed lunch are easy to open!



Children can bring a snack for morning/afternoon break, e.g. apple and a plain biscuit. They will also need to bring a drink to school. [Water or flavoured water]. There is no milk this term. We are not able to store or refrigerate items so please, make sure the snacks are easily accessible in your child’s school bag / do not require refrigeration. Children are not allowed to use the water fountain.



Pre School will have play time / lunch time in their own room/yard.

R/1 will have their break time at 10.30-10.45 and 2.00-2.15

Key Personnel/Vulnerable Children 11.00-11.30. There will be no afternoon break


First Aid

All staff are first aid trained with paediatrics – A fully stocked Medical Kit will be in each area.

Class 1/school hall – linkage via walkie-talkie

PVI/School hall – linkage via walkie-talkie


Learning at Cambo

Work for all year groups will continue to be placed on the school Tapestry Platform for all children whether in school or not. We will make use of commercial schemes to ensure staff workloads do not become untenable.


Children in school

Will be assessed, gaps will be identified and work will be developed to close these gaps

We will complete work to support  social and emotional well being

We will take part in learning linked to the outdoors.


School events

I am sad to say there will be no summer events in school at all, nor will there be any Creative/PE visitors to school or visits outside of school until further notice. Our Y4 residential was cancelled earlier in the term and we await the return of our deposits. I will pass these onto Y4 parents once we have the funding ourselves. If deposits were paid via cheque, cheques will be returned.


Support for Pupils and Families

We do not underestimate how difficult the recent weeks have been for us all, and we all will have been touched in some way by the coronavirus pandemic. We recognise the need to focus on pupils’ emotional wellbeing as well as their return to learning. The following support is in place for pupils once they return to school.

  • Focused PSHE lessons using Jigsaw resources.
  • Time to talk and play
  • Group assemblies on themes in class


Parents/Staff may wish to seek support for themselves or a member of their families from the following support agencies:


  • The Upper Wansbeck Ministry -Priest in Charge Reverend Jonathan Mason / Associate Priest Revd Fiona Sample. The Vicarage, Kirkwhelpington, South Middleton. Morpeth. Tel: 01830 540260 01670 774245 or email /, Associate Lay Minister Mrs Pam Walker  Tel:01670 772301 or email .
  • Samaritans – call free 24 hours a day on 116 123
  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline – call for free and confidential advice, 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247
  • Shelter provide free confidential information, support and legal advice on all housing and homelessness issues if you call 0330 0536 083 (please note, this is not a free phone number and your call will be charged). A free webchat is available at


I hope that these arrangements provide you with the information you need to support your child at home, or in returning to school. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting the school over recent weeks and supporting your child with their home learning. AND  REMEMBER…

As Good Old Dory says… “Just Keep Swimming”, with support and each other , we will get there!


Yours sincerely,

Paula Cummings [Head Teacher]




Visits / events for spring term 2: 
Class 1 – 

Class 2 – 

Peripatetic Music with Kathy Anderson

There will be no Peripatetic music lessons with Kathy Anderson until further notice.



Please make sure ALL of your child’s PE kit is named and placed in a PE bag. Children will not need an outdoor PE kit.

Please do not send your child’s PE kit into school until further notice . They will not need it at present.

Arts Award

Well our attainment is in the laps of the Gods. The Arts Examiner came into school for a whole morning on 13/6/19. He looked at work, talked with children and staff and viewed video evidence. Phew we were all on tenderhooks! I am pleased to say that 100% passed their assessment with flying colours!


Dear Children, Parents, Staff and Governors-WELL DONE!

In April 2019 we successfully gained Arts Mark Gold for the school via the Arts Council. A most prestigious award!
We had to submit a statement of intent re the Arts in Cambo regarding the areas we were wanting to improve across the school e.g. Pupil Voice and independence in the arts. Once our project was concluded we then had to submit our case study for assessment. PHEW! what a journey it has been! It isn’t quite finished, if there is such a thing as a finish! Year 1 are to have their Discover Award assessment and the Class 2 children are just about to have their external assessment via the Arts Council for their EXPLORE award having concluded another 75 hours of arts activities and independent learning.
We are so blessed to have such a forward thinking community, Governors who support and encourage, brilliant staff and supportive parents. More importantly we have such wonderful children! nothing has been too much, even when they really didn’t like doing certain things e.g. recorder during lunch times, they got right on and played anyway, performing for parents and the community in the end! I am so proud of everyone. WELL DONE!
This is what the Arts Council said about our development…
Cambo First School’s Case Study was an exciting summary of its commitment to and the effects of a creative, arts-rich approach to teaching and learning. The school describes the Arts as being integral to all it does and that the Arts allow teachers to develop excellent quality provision, teaching and learning. The school uses data very well within the Case Study to show how the culture and ethos underpinning the use of the Arts leads to demonstrable learning gains for children. Their prior legacy of Creative Partnerships and Artsmark is evident throughout all they do. Particularly impressive is the sense of the impacts and effects the work has had and is having. All children in Years 2,3,4 successfully submitted a portfolio of work to gain their Discover Arts Award. Years 3 & 4 have completed over 60 hours work in the Arts and 15 of these have been independently completed. 100% of children have visited numerous art galleries including the Baltic and the Sage. They have also visited museums including Science Museum, British Museum, Discovery and the Imperial War Museum. Such visits are used to drive inquiry questions which in turn lead to an exploratory approach to learning through the curriculum back at school. There is a very strong sense of commitment to CPD in the school and a belief that this is highly effective.
The Arts Council England celebrates your ongoing commitment to arts and cultural education at a leadership level, and the opportunities established across your whole setting. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to plan, experience, participate in, and evaluate a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural activities, and you recognise the importance of development opportunities delivered by specialists for your staff that have measurable effects in these areas. You engage with a wide range of arts and cultural organisations and other settings, and can evidence the positive impact of these partnerships. Your children and young people have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture, and you are working to share the very good practice you have established.


We are delighted to inform you that we will be starting the READ 2 DOGS scheme at Cambo First School  in the week beginning 4th March. This program is fully insured and is designed to give children the opportunity  to increase their confidence and enjoyment in reading.  Several charities, such as Canine Concern, Paws to Read and Pets as Therapy are involved in the program and we are lucky enough to have Ali and her dog Red joining us in school.
Red is  a specially trained service dog, who works in schools, hospitals and care homes. Children  will have the opportunity to read with Red under the close supervision of Ali, his owner and a member of school staff.
Some children can be nervous about reading out loud or reading to others in a group. Red loves to hear children read, so this is a special time fr the children giving them time to practice and enjoy reading, away from other children.
Children in other schools have really benefited from the READ 2 DOGS Program. It has helped them become less self-conscious and more confident with their reading. They looked forward to reading, because Red provides comfort and inspires children to have fun reading.
We look forward to seeing Red and Ali in school.



Momo [this could be a hoax, but just incase]

We have been made aware from the media, police other schools of a dangerous and sinister online game:‘Momo’, that some children might have been accessing. The game encourages children to self-harm and has been dubbed the ‘Suicide killer game’. 

What is Momo?

MOMO is a brown haired young woman, with bulging eyes and creepy bird like legs. She was originally created by Japanese artist Midori Hiyashi for the Link Factory, none of which have any connection to the horrifying game.

The game hides itself in the form of other normal looking games so that parents do not suspect it. MOMO then asks the player to add a number on WhatsApp, which may also be found on YouTube.

After adding the number, the scary doll like figure sends graphic violent images, and starts by asking them to complete odd tasks like waking up at random hours.

MOMO becomes sinister after a series of texts, and tasks start to become more dark and dangerous, before finally ending by challenging them to take their own lives.

Various forms now exist both on the internet and via app stores, but the more sinister ones remain hidden.

How to keep your child safe

To stay safe, parents are warned to always be aware of what their children are watching and reading online, and if possible, limit the apps they can access.

If a parent suspects a MOMO is targeting their child, contact the police, delete and block the number immediately.

“The most fundamental piece of advice offered is to speak with your children – let them know that they do not have to deal with any concerns on their own. It is crucial that parents are involved with their children’s online lives and we would urge parents to make children aware of online dangers and ensure they know that they can speak to someone if anything or anyone online causes them concern.

“Parents are also advised to ensure that any devices used by children are restricted to age suitable content. However, we are aware of media reports that the “Momo” challenge has popped up even when these controls are in place so there really is no substitution for supervising the games that children are playing and the videos that they watch online.”

If adults are concerned or have any questions on how to approach the subject with their children you can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit the NSPCC website.

Children who are feeling worried about their activity on apps or online games can contact Childline 24 hours a day, online and over the phone, on 0800 11 11 or by visiting

 “The NSPCC publishes advice and guidance for parents on discussing overall online safety with their children, as well as promoting Net Aware – the UK’s only parental guide to social media and gaming apps.”

Things to look out for:

§  Become very secretive, especially about what they are doing online

§  Are spending a lot of time on the internet and social media

§  Are switching screens on their device when approached

§  Are withdrawn or angry after using the internet or sending text messages

§  Have lots of new phone numbers or email addresses on their devices

If adults are concerned or have any questions on how to approach the subject with their children, they can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit the NSPCC website. Children who are worried about their activity on apps or online games can contact Childline 24 hours a day, online and over the phone on 0800 1111.


Below are a selection of websites and resources which children and parents can use to increase their knowledge of how to stay safe on line.
Please pay particular attention to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) website at which parents and children can report any concerns they have. We also have a link on our website.
We would recommend parents view this site by the NSPCC which gives in depth information about popular apps which children use and how to keep them safe, including how to effectively operate privacy settings.

Android devices [parental controls]

Android parental controls

Amazon devices [parental controls]

Amazon devices


Think You Know? – child friendly information by CEOP

South West Grid for Learning (who produce our E safety Scheme of Work)

Safer Internet Day (information linked to the annual event)

Common Sense Media site reviews videos, games, books, and websites to help parents and children know which ones are safe to use.

‘Get Safe On-line’, gives answers to many questions, via ‘Terry Tablet’ who answers any questions, informative videos and includes an update on current on line issues and scams.

Kid Smart – guidance on different areas of on line communication

Net Smartz Kids – child friendly activity site

Newsround Quiz – safety quiz and information from the BBC

I Keep Safe – adult orientated sight with strong parenting advice for on line protection




The SOCKS chair is Frances Robson

The Secretary is Donna Reader/Lindsay Rutherford

The Treasurer is  Vik Rees

But what is SOCKS/SOKS?

Not a lot of parents realise what the SOCKS/SOKS stands for or what they do on behalf of our children. SOCKS is The Support Our Cambo Kids Association and with your support in developing and attending fund raising  initiatives we raise money to support children in school e.g we go to the theater in January, we have an Autumn fayre, meals etc!  Without their hard work and your support there is so much in school that we couldn’t do!!


After School – closed at present
Timetable for the After School:
Monday -Games/children’s choice/

Tuesday – Cooking/Children’s Choice/Lego Club

Wednesday – Children’s Choice

Thursday – Children’s Choice

Friday – Football and Children’s Choice

Football with Donald runs every Friday, weather permitting children must be booked in to the After School Facility until further notice.