Creative Curriculum Planning

Cambo First School was a Creative Partnership School before funding was discontinued. We  have ‘Change School’ status. We have  transformed our curriculum, the ultimate aim, as always being,  to have a highly enjoyable, creative curriculum which is based based on the New National Curriculum 2014  via skills, and incorporates the needs, thoughts, ideas of every learner.

Creative curriculum planning is truly inclusive at Cambo. a skills based curriculum for the 21st Century. A variable mixture of whole school topics,  projects and themed weeks motivates the children and gives them enthusiasm for their learning. Many years of working with Creative Partnerships etc has provided us with a bank of artists and relevant professionals to  support our teaching and enabled staff to develop their own knowledge and skills to enhance delivery of the  Curriculum. It has also given the children access to an extensive range of specialist adults and a whole host of skills which would have previously not been possible for a small school to provide. It has given the children a broader outlook on life and it has raised their own aspirations. The children are actively involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of each year’s learning.  They therefore have complete ownership of their curriculum. As OFSTED 2010 stressed  the curriculum at Cambo is ‘INSPIRATIONAL’

As a Morpeth Partnership school we also aim to provide an education that encourages and promotes a strong sense of identity and pride of place based on local heritage, culture and the landscape of Morpeth and Northumberland. We have high aspirations for the children of the Morpeth Partnership by offering equality of entitlement as we have sequenced our curriculum to build pupil knowledge and skills. We are an outward-looking learning community who strive to ensure all children achieve their potential to become happy, fulfilled individuals and have the appropriate cultural capital to succeed in life.

Long term curricular plan

long term plan 19-20 (1)

long term plan 18-19

Cambo Curricular LONG TERM PLAN example 

long term plan 17-18

16-17 annual curriculum [long term plan 17-18]

Partnership Shared Curriculum Progression Plans [developed with all staff across the partnership]


Morpeth Partnership R.E.

Morpeth Partnership Science Curriculum

Morpeth Partnership Musician

Morpeth Partnership Historian

Morpeth Partnership MFL learners

Morpeth Partnership P.H.S.E.

Morpeth Partnership Geographer (1)

Morpeth Partnership PE

Morpeth Partnership Curriculum

Morpeth Partnership Computer Scientist

Morpeth Partnership DT

Maths / Literacy planning

  Aut Spring Summer
Class 1

Cambo First School maths planning R 2021 autumn

Cambo First School maths planning Y1 2021 autumn



SummerTerm_Year1_Primary2-2 literacy




Class 2

Autumn Year 3 and 4 Poetry

Autumn Year 3 and 4 Non-fiction

Autumn 1 Year 2 Poetry

Autumn Year 3 and 4 Fiction

Autumn 1 Year 2 Non-fiction

Autumn 1 Year 2 Fiction

Autumn Year 3 and 4 Poetry

Cambo First School maths planning Y2 2021 autumn

Cambo First School maths planning 3-4 2021 autumn

Non-fiction Year 3 and 4_Spring


Fiction Year 3 and 4_Spring


Poetry Year 3 and 4_Spring





Project/Curriculum  planning

14/15 15/16 16/17  17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21-22

fairy tales victorians


victorians b

victorians c

victorians d

world war 2 class r/1

ww2 class 1

ww2 year 2 3 and 4

Flow chart for planning WW2









sailing the oceans blue

oceans life ks2

story of britain

ks1 wheel

ks2 wheel


class 2 [a]

class 2 [b]

class 2 [c]


victorians eyfs topic 2015












class 1 romans

space reception planning

Space Year 1 & 2

space flow

Space Year 1 & 2

Space Year 3 & 4

Space Flow Chart


capability brown

capability Brown web

romans y2

romans y4

capability brownmans y3Dream Big Rio 16Olympics LKS2

ourselves rainforest recption autumn










To boldly go.. are we there yet y1

To boldly go.. are we there yet y4

To boldly go.. are we there yet y3

To boldly go.. are we there yet y2

spring medium plan eyfs super hero

super heroes Y1

superheroes y2

superheroes y3

superheroes y

were going on a mammoth hunt y3

were going on a mammoth hunt y4

we are going on a mammoth hunt we are going on a mammoth hunt y1





I want my mummy y4

I want my mummy year 3

I want my mummy

y2 I want my mummy Class 1





Ancient Greeks Class 2

Ancient Greeks Y3

Events beyond living memory

Great Fire of London

seasonal change

states of matter

animals inc humans y1


planning wheel 2020 YR Eco Kids

planning wheel 2020 (1) year 1 Eco Kids

home learning cover sheet

planning wheel 2020 CLass 2. Y3 planning wheel 2020 CLass 2. Y2 planning wheel 2020 CLass 2 Y4




planning wheel Autumn 2020 We are all different (1)

planning pshe autumn 2020

Class 2 science

Year 2 Uses of Everyday Materials planning

States of Matter Y3 and Y4 Science

Spring 21

medium term plan Me in my world reception copy

planning Geography focus 2021 spring copy

planning wheel Spring 2021 KS2 Y4 Around the World

planning wheel Spring 2021 KS1 Y2 All Around the World

planning wheel Spring 2021 KS2 Y3 All Around the World

planning wheel Spring 2021 KS2 Y3 All Around the World

planning wheel Spring 2021 KS2 Y4 Around the World



medium term plan Me in my world reception (1)

medium term plan Once upon a Roman reception summer

planning wheel Summer 2021 KS1 Y2 The Romans in Britain

planning wheel Summer 2021 KS2 Y3 The Romans in Britain

planning wheel Summer 2021 KS2 Y4 The Romans in Britain




















planning Capability autumn 2021

capability brown

Igneous rocks and minerals



Sedimentary and Metamorpic rocks

Introduction to Rocks








Examples of Past  projects pre 14/15:




Topic Wheels

Planning  example:


 Curriculum Plans


LTP Yearly overview                                    






mfl sheme of work                                                                                                                                                                   




Year_1 numeracy                                                

Year_2 maths long

Year 2 Lit Autumn                                              

Year_3 maths long                                         

Year_4 Maths long                                              


FRACTIONS CAMBO 3-5                                 

geometry cambo                                                                               

measurement cambo                                        

multiply and divide cambo     

history geog cambo                    


music science computing dt ks2 cambo

statistics cambo                                                 

music science computing cambo