School Lunches

Cambo First School operates its own lunch time service. We are therefore able to run a high quality kitchen with high quality ingredients to prepare excellent well cooked food! However we are also responsible for meeting all costs which are linked to the kitchen. We want to ensure that we maintain our high standards, keep our cook and our kitchen as we see it as a vital part of our school, and the school community. Therefore we would ask that all children, where possible, stay for school lunch as if our number of meals drop then the kitchen service runs the risk of being unviable and will discontinue. In this instance children would have to go home for lunch. If your child is to bring in a packed lunch then it must meet the criterion set out in our Packed Lunch Policy and be a last resort after talking with the head teacher and the school cook.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding school meals please come and talk to Dawn or  Mrs. Cummings. We want your child to have a wonderful eating experience and will endeavour to do all we can to make this happen.

From September 2014 children in Reception, Y1 and Y2  receive Free School Meals . Funding has been devolved to the school via the Governments Food Plan initiative. I am sure parents will welcome this support.

At Cambo we have one sitting for lunch.  Pre School and Class 1 enter the hall at 11.45 .  Class 2 enter the hall at 11.55.  Lunchtime is from 11.45-12.45


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Termly Menus as agreed with SNAG and Children

The new menus for Autumn/Winter will be with us after the Summer holidays along with the agenda and minutes from our September/October meeting

Cambo First School Summer menu 2024

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Documents linked to school meals

Pre School Lunches

We continue to offer  school lunches to pre – school children. This has been a very important and successful initiative, for the children, school and parents!

Reception /y1/y2 Lunches

All Reception/Y1/Y2 children receive Universal Free Lunches

Community Events

Community lunches, wider pre-school lunch participation and coffee afternoons run by the school cook will continue or/and be further developed. Dawn is very excited about these changes however these initiatives are still in the planning phase at present. They will result in extra funding being brought into school to support school lunches.

Prices per meal

September 2024 school lunches cost  £2.20 per meal. There has been no increase in meal costs for 12 years.

Payment methods

Parents can pay:

  • in full for the half term paid in the first week.
  • Weekly- lunch money must be received at the beginning of the week in question.
  • Daily – on the day, this is especially relevant to pre school children. Money should be received in the office by 9.30am.

Arrear procedures

Parents will not be allowed to carry more than 5 meals per family.  If more than 5 meals are accrued families in question will either have to bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch between 12noon and 1pm.