SOKS – Support our Kids [FORMERLY PTA]

The SOKS Committee welcomes all new families to our school community and Wraparound Service.

  • Chair: Mrs Frances Robson
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Mrs Vic Rees
  • Secretary: Mrs Lindsay Rutherford


Spring Fayre


Well done to everyone  who organised and supported our Spring Fayre. The weather and the atmosphere were so lovely! Everyone had lots of fun and supported a very good cause e.g. the school and Wraparound, or rather all of our Cambo children from babes to 9!

A special well done to the Cambo PTA/Wraparound Fundraising Committee and all of those parents/Grand parents who were on stalls! I am pleased to say they raised £1306.25!!! WOW!!!!!.


Christmas Meal

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Christmas meal at Lollo Rosso, We were able to raise over 400 pounds. The funding will be used to support the building of the Wraparound Conservatory.


Bingo Bonanza

Please come along and support Cambo Young Farmers and Cambo First School at this event. Please see the flyer attached.

bingo bonanza


Easter Fayre 24th March 18

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make our Easter Fayre a really brilliant event! Those donating, those giving their time and those who came to spend their money and have a good time. What a wonderful morning! The sun shone and we made over 1.000. This money will be put to good use in developing our wraparound conservatory!

Christmas Fayre 6/12/17

Well done to Lindsay Rutherford for organising our Christmas Fayre. There were some lovely stalls and lots of Christmas Goodies. The Prosecco and mince pie were lovely too! Lindsay managed to raise over £120. So well done.

The Great Cambo Raffle 1st December 2017

Well done everyone who supported the Great Cambo Raffle either in buying tickets or in donating prizes, or indeed both! With your support we raised £342.86. A fantastic amount! Well done to Sharon Dickinson for all her hard work and enthusiasm!

Quiz Night at the Ox

SOKS/Wraparound held a quiz night at the Ox on Tuesday the 21st November 2018. They managed to raise £560, a phenomenal amount! Well done everyone I know school and Wraparound will spend the money wisely! Thanks also go to those people who attended the evening.


Great North Run 2018

Many thanks to the parents who raised funds for our London Trip in the spring term 18. Rachel and Julie managed to complete the event and raise over 500 pounds.This will go a long way to paying for our Theatre experience! Many thanks! I know other parents ran the race for other worthy causes and some, bless picked up injuries and just couldn’t run this year. Well done everyone.

7th October

Many thanks to everyone today. To THE PTA/SOKS Christine, Donna and Vic for the organisation and day to day getting ready for the Fayre, [to everyone who helped out on the day both adults and children alike! Many thanks to Dawn and Carol in the kitchen and many thanks to all the parents who supported us in a very worthy cause. I am not sure of the actual total but I know School and Wraparound will have very good things to spend it on!!!!

Without your had work, enthusiasm and good will I am not sure what we would do without you!




Many thanks to everyone for their support at our Christmas Book Fayre with your support we were able to purchase 384.00 worth of books for school and Pre School. A big thankyou to SOKs! Many thanks also to Linda Thompson who is selling Usborne books on behalf of the school and Wraparound and to the parents once again, we have gained some lovely new reading scheme books. FABULOUS ALL AROUND!


WOW a big thank you to Lindsay Rutherford for her impromptu Christmas Fayre held at Cambo Village Hall with the support of the community she managed to raise over £400! WOW!


Well done to SOKs for hosting a very ghoulish disco on behalf of the school and wraparound! They managed to raise £301.00 and more importantly the children had a fabulous time!


Many thanks to everyone once again for making our Autumn Fayre such a success. It was good to see everyone at the event, and what a lovely sunny day it was too! With your support we were able to raise over £1200! well done everyone we just know the money will be well spent this year across the school and wraparound!

2015/16 Fundraising

Sports Day – Barebecue July 16

Scholastic Book Fayre June 16

Easter Fayre April 16

Autumn Fayre 

Many thanks to everyone for supporting the school fayre.    £1665.05 was raised minus £190.38 expenses which leaves a grand total £1474.67!   Can I thank the members of SOKs for all of their endeavours. So much hard work, effort , time and enthusiasm are needed to make it successful . The committee have worked tirelessly to benefit our children. They give their time freely and I/We are so grateful to them all.


Many, Many thanks to SOKS and all of the parents who have given the school over £2k for our visit to London in March, without their support we simply could not have managed the visit effectively!

Mrs. C.

Grant application for London

We gained £800 via Whittyrigg Wind Farm grant application and £200 from the Trevelyan Trust.

Scholastic Book Fayre

A big thank you to everyone for supporting our book fayre on Friday 21st November.  Total cost of books purchased was £413.33 ,  which means we get  £165.33 [40%] to spend on books.

Christmas Meal

Well done to everyone who supported our Christmas meal at the Chinese restaurant.

I have it on firm authority that a good night was had by all! And to boot they raised £660

for school and the wraparound.

Race Night


Well done to CAMBO YFC who held a fantastic Race Night on Saturday 15th November. By all accounts the community had a fantastic night and raised over a thousand pounds for Cambo YFC/Cambo School and Cambo Wraparound. Well done everyone who supported the initiative.


Halloween Event

What a super time the children had at Kirkharle village hall there were some very scary children that no one recognised!  Well done to Cambo Wraparound re the organisation of the event all monies raised £300 are to be shared between Cambo Wraparound and Cambo First School.

Kirkharle Food and Craft Fayre

Well done to everyone who supported us at the Kirkharle Food and Craft Fayre! Boy was it windy and cold but very helpful in helping us to raise funds. The buckets on the entrance were particularly successful! There were some very, very cold children and adults including Mrs. Barron!  Together with Wraparound we raised over £700. The money will be shared between the two facilities.

Autumn Fayre 27/9/14

Well done to everyone who supported us in our biggest fundraiser of the year. What a fantastic day we all had. The weather was brilliant and we have never seen so many smiles! The fooball was also fabulous. Well done to Cambo football teams who came second and fourth and first at KS1! There were loads of stalls and even a police car for the children to sit in. Many were arrested with handcuffs! luckily they were set free within minutes ! We raised  £2.100 for the children in Cambo First School. SO ONCE AGAIN WELL DONE NEARLY EVERY FAMILY WAS PRESENT!


Fundraising last year

Between  April 2013-2014 we have raised funds and provided the school with over £3000. This funding has been used to purchase: theatre tickets, transport, picnic tables and chairs and loads more! The PTA via the parents also pay for the photocopier rental!

This is a great deal of money and the school are absolutely thrilled with the support! How could we function without our community!