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What’s happening this week?

Week beginning: 15th July 2019 


a.m. – Kayaking/Paddleboarding/beach across the school

p.m. – After School Athletics across the school/Davey Hoops


a.m. – Specific children will visit Wallington 9.30-10-30am

a.m. –  Kathy Anderson Music across the school/Peripatetic instruments

p.m. – Sports Day 5pm weather permitting

Wednesday .

a.m. – Cambo’s Got Talent

a.m. – Leavers meal with guests at Cambo

p.m. – Orienteering Festival in school 2 pm


a.m. –  Marble Jar treat to be decided

p.m. –


a.m. – School Library Van pick up of teaching topic books.

p.m. – Leavers Service 1.30pm. School closes for the summer holidays directly after the service. Please ensure that you make arrangements to pick up your child


There will be no After  School football with Donald Aynsley











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