What’s happening this week?

Week beginning: 17th June 2019 


a.m. – Alex Ryan in school to talk with children going to Dr Thomlinson’s C of E Middle School

p.m. –  Year 3 cooking with Carol and Dawn

p.m. – Football across the school/Davey Hoops


a.m. –

p.m. –

Wednesday .

a.m. –

p.m. –


a.m. – Egyptian Sleepover

a.m. –  Y4 Cathedral Leavers Service


p.m. –

p.m. –  School closes at 12.45pm children’s bags/sleeping bags etc will need to be picked up too.


Saturday 22nd June – Coffee and quoits- In Cambo Village at 10am. Adults and children all welcome. [There are quoits for children and adults] Refreshment available

Saturday 22nd June. – Stannington Football Tournament 10am – 12noon