What’s happening this week?

Week beginning: 23rd April 2018 


a.m. – Roz Irving to visit school 9am to talk to children going to Chantry

a.m. – Y4 gardening at the allotment with Kate and Geoff Payne

p.m. – Cricket with Matthew Senior/After School cricket session 2 [after school cricket]


a.m. –

p.m. –  Swimming at Ponteland Leisure Centre. Last session-badges/play session


a.m. – Yoga across the school with Debbie McAllister

p.m. – Basket Ball across the school/after school basket ball

p.m. – MFL across the school [ french ]


a.m. – Music across the school with Annelise Nicklen

p.m. – Gardening afternoon across the school


p.m. –  Peripatetic music with Kathy Anderson/singing across the school

p.m. – Mrs Barron’s assembly


Football with Donald weather permitting