What’s happening this week?

Week beginning 18th September  


a.m. – 

p.m. – Matthew Senior cricket across the school [ outdoor pe kit required e.g. trainers, joggers, tee shirt, sweat shirt ]


a.m – 

p.m. – Swimming across the school [loose clothing, no tights, hair tied back, no jewellery. Swimming hats can be word. Goggles necessary and don’t forget a towel!]


a.m. –  Yoga across the school

p.m. –  Ball skills/ Tag Rugby across the school with Alex from All Stars [outdoor kit required ]

Thursday – 

a.m –  Games across the school with Mrs Armstrong [ outdoor kit required]

a.m. – Mrs Hedley Music across the school

 Lunchtime Club with Helen Boucher - Gardening 

p.m. – 

Friday  – 

a.m. – Rowan McAbe – visiting poet/poetry across the school

a.m. – Music across the school  with Kathy Anderson

Lunchtime Club with Kathy Anderson – Recorders 

p.m. – Peripatetic music  with Kathy Anderson

p.m. – Community Assembly 3pm

Afterschool Football with Donald  Aynsley weather permitting  

















Important Information/School Closure/Events

Week Beginning –   18th September 2023

Harvest For All

Please see below Harvest For All at Middleton Village Hall. Everyone is welcome


Class 1 visit to the Sea Life Centre 29/9/23

As part of their Science curriculum e.g .animal including humans. They will also take part in a rock pool workshop. Children will wear their school uniform.  We will leave school at 9.15am and return to school for 3.00pm.  Dawn will prepare a packed lunch for all of those children who usually have a school lunch. Could children please bring in a back pack to put their packed lunch in.


I am so sorry that I wasn’t in school last week. Having come back from holiday… Yes you guessed it… COVID STRUCK AGAIN.  ARGGGGHHH in all of my time in education  [a great many years for my age of 21] I have never missed a first day of term…. So sad and  … well need I say more. I can only hope that the autumn term is a healthy one from now on!

RAAC in Northumberland Schools

Just to put your mind at rest everyone. [Cambo is a maintained school]

Northumberland County Council would like to reassure families that our investigations have found no evidence of the presence of RAAC in our maintained schools in Northumberland.  Academies are liaising directly with the Department for Education, but we have not been made aware of any instances of RAAC being present in their buildings at this time. All schools are therefore expected to be open as normal at the start of the autumn term. We’d advise parents and carers to check their school websites for further details of arrangements for returning to school.” 

Arts Award 2023

I am so pleased to let you know that our children in Y2/3 completed their Discovery Awards in July 23 and our Y4 children completed their Explore Arts Awards too! Well done everyone the Arts assessor was extremely pleased with all of their work exhibited in their Art Portfolios! 

AND…. HOORAY WE GAINED  OUR WHOLE SCHOOL GOLD ARTS AWARD TOO – WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!! It takes a whole team/family to make such progress especially after our COVID experiences! WELL DONE AGAIN!

Cambo First School offers an arts-rich education to your children. You value arts and culture for their own sake, and for their wider contribution to wellbeing, personal development, and your school’s sense of community. You have had a focus on equalities and ensuring your curriculum is representative of wider society as part of this Artsmark journey. Although impacted by Covid, you have been able to develop your arts policy, planning and practice in this area, ensuring you now study a wide range of artists. All staff have attended external CPD linked to equalities and diversity in the Arts. Your pupil outcomes are very strong, supported by your arts-rich curriculum, every child learning a musical instrument and a wide range of artists visiting the school and arts organisation visits. By ring fencing funding to ensure this happens, your arts provision is inclusive and not limited by parents ability to pay. Every child completes an Arts Award. You work with children to plan what arts they study.


Swimming resumes on Tuesday 12th September. Please ensure that your child has easily removed clothing e.g .jogging pants/leggings  in preference to tights. Hair needs to be tied back. No jewellery. If your child has their ears pierced and cannot remove their earrings, then plasters should be provided so that they can be covered. Swimming goggles are necessary, we do have some spares in school should these be required. Swimming hats can be worn if your child wishes to wear one. And finally don’t forget a towel!

All PE is outdoors, therefore an outdoor kit is required e.g. training shoes, spare socks, joggers/leggings, tee shirt and sweat shirt. 

Tag rugby resumes  on Wednesday 6th September for the half term [All Stars]

Cricket resumes on Monday 11th September for the half term [Matthew Senior]

Games resumes on Thursday 7th September for the half term [ Mrs Armstrong]

Yoga resumes on 13th September no PE kit is required for these sessions [Debbie McAllister]

There is extra PE this term in view of the fact that in the 2nd half of term we struggle re indoor facilities

Children will attend festivals in the autumn term but they are, as of yet to be confirmed.



Music with Mrs Hedley will resume on Thursday 21st September

Music and peripatetic music with Mrs Anderson will resume on Friday 15th September. 


Is your child well enough for school – a guide for parents

Updated Government guidance to support parents in making a decision
It is usually appropriate for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild respiratory illnesses. This would include general cold symptoms: a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat. However, children should not be sent to school if they have a temperature of 38°C or above. For further guidance refer to:
NHS ‘Is my child too ill for school?’ guidance 


 VISITS/VISITORS/EVENTS  THIS TERM- [other visits/visitors etc to be confirmed

Class 1

Rowan McCabe – Poet workshop 22/9/23

National Fitness Day 20/9/23

Science visit to the Sea Life Centre  29/9/23

That History Bloke  History workshop linked to focus for half term 10/10/23

Teacher Training Day 27/10/23 – school closed to pupils

Autumn Fayre TBC

Donnelly and South – Christmas Cracker workshop  TBC 30/11/23

Singing for the community Kirkharle  8/12/23

Christmas Performance  14/12/23  6pm

Christmas Party 19/12/23

Christmas Lunch 2o/12/23

Discovery museum/Theatre Royal Pantomime Visit 21/12/23

Class 2

Jon Monks Geographer/Historian to come into school to work with the children on the ‘Wanny Line’. date to be confirmed

National Fitness Day 20/9/23

Rowan McCabe – Poet workshop 22/9/23

That History Bloke  History workshop linked to focus for half term 10/10/23

Year 3 Sports Leaders course at Morpeth Leisure Centre 11/10/23 10-2pm

Teacher Training Day 27/10/23 – school closed to pupils

Autumn Fayre TBC

Donnelly and South – Christmas Cracker workshop  TBC 30/11/23

Singing for the community Kirkharle  8/12/23

Christmas Performance  14/12/23  6pm

Christmas Party 19/12/23

Christmas Lunch 2o/12/23

Discovery museum/Theatre Royal Pantomime Visit 21/12/23



The SOCKS chair- Christine Graham . 

The Secretary  was Lindsay Rutherford, we would like to thank Lindsay for all of her hard work and enthusiasm in supporting the school and more importantly the children. Watching Lindsay and her family serve those ice creams on sports day will be forever in my mind! Thankyou on behalf of everyone Lindsay we are sad to lose you but transition to Y5 is transition to Y5. In view of this we now have a vacancy for  a Secretary. If you are interested in the post please talk to Christine or Vic.

The Treasurer is  Vik Rees

But what is SOCKS/SOKS?

Not a lot of parents realise what the SOCKS/SOKS stands for or what they do on behalf of our children. SOCKS is The Support Our Cambo Kids Association and with your support in developing and attending fund raising  initiatives we raise money to support children in school e.g we go to the theater in January, we have an Autumn fayre, meals etc!  Without their hard work and your support there is so much in school that we couldn’t do!!

After School 
Timetable for the After School:
Monday -Games/children’s choice/

Tuesday – Cambo Cafe/Children’s Choice

Wednesday – Children’s Choice/ Games with Alex from All Stars

Thursday – Children’s Choice

Friday – Children’s Choice /Football with Donald

 Cambo Cafe/Cambo Cooking to be agreed





Pre 23-24

Leavers Service

2pm at Cambo Village Church on Friday 21st July

Sleep over

Hi everyone don’t forget it is the annual sleepover on 19/20 of July. A letter has already gone out but please remember…

Bedding, toiletries, towel, spare clothes, pjs , cuddly toy/game/book for the sleeping part

Back pack, swimming costume/tee shirt, beach shoes, spare clothes, sun tan lotion, hat, spare water e.g. everything you will need for visiting the beach. Make sure sun tan lotion is applied before coming to school. If it is rainy we will be going to the cinema… [ we live in hope!]

Children need to be in school for 9 on the 19th July

Children need to be picked up at 12.30 on the 20th July. [Don’t forget school transport will bring them home at 12.3o if you require it. If you don’t let me know]

Mrs C

Morpeth Chantry Transition Days

Please don’t forget that it is  Morpeth Chantry/Dr Thomlinsons Transition Days on 6th/7th July 2023. It is for parents to get their child to and from the school. Make sure your child has dinner money for the two days. They are going to have a fabulous time .

Musical concert with Peter Brown and our Cambo Children

Dear Parents and Guardians

Peter Brown has been working with the children to develop a small thematic concert for our community. The concert will take place on Friday 30th June at 2pm.  
We do hope you are able to join us .
The concert will be held in the school hall.
Refreshments will be served after the concert.


At last our phones are working again! what a nightmare! Seemingly the problem was based at the exchange in Cambo! A month with a crackly line, and engineers who said there was no problem. No problem until the line remained engaged and we were unable to accept or make calls! Thankfully it is all sorted, a slow response from Gamma but a positive outcome! Thankyou for your patience and support throughout this difficulty!


Well what an empty place our school is going to be as Y4 go on their annual residential with children from Longhorsley and Whalton Primary School.  Mrs Wilson will e accompanying the children along with other staff. The residential will take place from Wednesday 10th May until Friday 12th May 2023.  The children will be going to Robinwood in Alston. All meals are included along with a packed lunch on arrival!  They will be taking part in various activities to develop cooperation, resilience, Listening, Problem Solving, Team building, confidence  and  communication. This residential is so important as our children approach their transition from first to middle school. It allows children to furtehr develop relatiionships with children who are likely to go to the same schools in September 2023.

Robinwood hold a  LOtC Quality badge. This is the only national award assessing both the quality of risk management and educational provision across all types of learning . They are also fully insured. Mrs Cummings has completed all of the necessary paperwork for the residential to take place on EVOLVE.

Morpeth.s One Big Performance

All the schools in the Morpeth Partnership are coming together for the One Big Performance and we would like your child to be involved.  The event will happen on the Monday 15th May 2023 at Newminster Middle School in Morpeth in a marquee on the field.

This event will highlight all the outstanding musical activities that are taking place every week across the partnership from first access musical experiences through to middle and high school ensembles.

Music and the arts are so important in a young person’s educational journey and the day will provide an opportunity to share the love of music, enthuse and inspire the young people, create musical role models and strengthen both school and community partnerships.


Throughout the day students will be involved in a range of musical activities including body percussion workshops, singing and a musical quiz.  They will also be involved in ceilidh dancing supported by The 3 Rivers Ceilidh Band.


Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch their schools performance. Cambo 10.30-10.45 you can stay a little longer if you wish to, especially if it is a nice day!] Please bring a chair or something to sit on as this is an outdoor event. 

We will be travelling to and from the event by bus leaving as close to 9 as possible and returning for 3.15pm. Parents who stay at the event can take their children home with them by arrangement.


  • A school packed lunch will be provided for those who usually have a school lunch. snacks will also be provided throughout the day.
  • Your child will need a water bottle
  • Your child will need to be dressed in their school uniform

Coronation Event 5/5/23

A watercolor illustration of a green face, surrounded by a bunch of green leaves. More green foliage, including thistle and clover, emerge out of the side of the face. The cat-like mouth is open, and leaves replace the lower jaw. The figure wears a crown of flowers, the top half of which is made of thorny branches. The crown is topped with an acorn.

charles coronation may 23

We will be hosting a Cambo Coronation event to celebrate the crowning of our new king, Charles 3rd. The event will take place on Friday 5th May from 12 noon -3.15pm. This event will be free to all parents and children in Cambo First School/Pre School. The event will begin with an assembly with Reverend Janet and Kathy. We do hope you are able to join us. Please see flyer attached for the main attractions.
We need to know how many adults to cater for. [2 adults per family] Could you please let Carol know if you/sp plan to attend  so that we know we  have enough food for everyone.
As part of this event we are asking each family to  create a family crown, and you guessed it … this is homework. All entries to be submitted on the 5th May 2023  There will be a prize  for 1st, 2nd 3rd.  The theme is ‘A crown fit for a King’.
There will also be a free raffle. 
Fingers crossed the weather holds for us otherwise it will be rescheduled for a different day.
We hope to have lots of fun without anyone spending any money! The Cambo Family coming together to celebrate.
Cambo VIllage Coronation flier (1)
charles coronation may 23


Gymnastics Festival 30/3/23

The Gymnastic festival for all children in Class 2 will take place on Thursday 30th March in Cambo Village Hall.   All Class 2 parents/guardians and grown ups are welcome to join us as we show how we have improved over the term. Refreshments will be available on the morning, we do hope you are able to join us from about 10.15am [ no earlier]. The children will return to school for lunchtime.



Free easter egg clipart 2


EASTER FAYRE  SATURDAY 25th March 10-12 noon come along and support the school and wraparound as we raise funds for our children!

There will be a raffle stalls, refreshments competitions and an easter egg hunt.


My Photo

Potted History Workshops 20/3/23

The children in class 2 will be working with Graham Taylor and Sarah Lord to develop stoneage/iron age craftmanship e.g. how did they make drinking vessels, what did they eat with and on, how did they store food… and much, much more!  Graham and Sarah are experimental archaeologists  as well as potters!


Well done everyone for your fantastic support. We raised £117.60 which is excellent.

All in a good cause, lovely weather, lots of laughing, some excellent costumes, fantastic cake decorations and a wonderful community. What more could we ask for.
Well done!
Red Nose Day is fast approaching on the 17th March 2023 along with our Great Cambo Funny Cake Bake
Guess what is for homework this week… yup you guessed it…. design a funny cake bake that you and your child/children  can create for our competition.  
Parents/grown ups will come into school at 12.45pm on the 17th March. They will have a table to work on this might be in class 1 or 2 or the group room or the hall.  [you must bring all of the necessary ingredients and utensils].  You will have  90minutes to decorate your cake with your child/children  [ the cake part has to be made at home] The cake must look like your shared design.
Entries will be judged before the end of school! [The judge will be announced on the day]. Refreshments will be available  at 2.30 whilst the winners are proclaimed!!!! [small donations would be more than welcome!] AND WHO KNOWS WE MAY EVEN EAT OUR CAKES!!!!
We are also asking the children to come into school dressed  ‘funny’ or tip to toe red!’  
with a £2 donation .

NEU Days of Action

Wednesday/Thursday 15th and 16th March are the next proposed days for industrial action via the NEU. Once again I have asked staff if they are attending school on this date. I will not know whether staff are attending until the actual day. It is anticipated that we will be fully open. However I would advise parents/guardians to make plans /other arrangements just incase we do not have the personnel to run the school safely.

An email has already been sent to all staff, Governors and Community. This is just an aide du memoir should the need arise.

Cambo Industrial Action Policy

Strike_Action Contingency Plan cambo

strike action risk assessment cambo


Science Week 10th – 19th March 2023

British Science Week begins  from the 10th March. We will be developing our knowledge, understanding and practice of science via the theme of Connections. Professor Brainstorm will also be coming into school on Friday afternoon to share a science workshop with the children, ‘The Magical Science Show’. At Cambo we will have our Science week from 6th March until the 10th March as it is more applicable to the curriculum in view of the propsed NEU industrial action.


World Book Day 2nd March 2023

We are encouraging the children to come into school dressed as their favourite character from their favourite book. We will be completing lots of reading activities whilst having lots of fun.  Your child will be brining home a World Book Day voucher for £1 which can be taken to a book shop and exchanged for one of the many £1 books or it can be put towards the purchase of a more expensive book!

Have loads of fund reading everyone!


Illness in school

We have a lot of illness in school at present. I had hoped that the Christmas break would give us an illness circuit breaker, but sadly, this has not been the case. Between Covid, Influenza, hand foot and mouth, Chicken Pox, Tonsilitus, ear infections and the dreaded winter vomiting bug…. It is doing our attendance bags of no good! It is doing everyone no good! Impacting on children , parents, community and staff alike.  Please if your child is unwell do not send them to school, if they are sick then they must stay away from school for 48 hours.

Daria Kalesh – 16/2/23

Daria Kalesh a Russian folk singer will be coming into school to perform for the children on Thursday 16th February 2023. Daria will also host a question and answer session about her life and work. Daria lives in the uk and  is against the war with Ukraine

Health and  Wellbeing Festival 17/2/23

Children in Class 2 will be going to the Morpeth Health and Well being festival at Morpeth Riverside. They will be travelling via Darras Motors minibus. and will return to school for lunch time. The children will be accompanied by  Class 2 staff.


Dear Parents this week we will be thinking about the mental health and wellbeing of our children and community. I am attaching some really good videos to share with your child enabling you to support them. they are only 3-4 minutes long.  videos for parents


Industrial Action 1/2/23 – An email has already been sent to all staff, Governors and Community. This is just an aide du memoir should the need arise.

Cambo Industrial Action Policy

Strike_Action Contingency Plan cambo

strike action risk assessment cambo

Anti Bullying Week ‘REACH OUT’ –

Odd Socks Day save the date post

Anti bullying Week took place between 14th and 18th November, To begin the week we held an Odd Sock Day on Monday. We encouraged all adults and children to wear odd socks to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality.



CHILDREN IN NEED – Friday 18/11/22

We raised: 156.45

well done everyone. I think that is the most we have ever raised and that is without wrist bands etc!

Thankyou for your cakes and biscuits and thankyou for your support and attendance at our assembly and cake and coffee afternoon. It was lovely to see you all.


For a very good cause too!



Pe this half term will be Basket Ball with All Stars on Wednesday afternoon and Gymnastics on Thursday morning. – indoor kit required e.g. plimsolls, shorts and top.

Swimming will resume for the half term on 28/2/23. 

Please ensure your child has swimming googles please. No jewellery , including ear rings.

Loose fitting clothes so children can get dressed more easily.

After School Games will begin on Wednesday 1st March 2023. Delivery will be via All Stars. The children have asked for games which will include Dodge Ball,  Sucker Archery, etc. There will be a different game each week.  Johanne will be sending out further information.



DFE Coronation workshop across the school  – virtual 26/4/23

Commnity Coronation Event 5/5/23

Make Music Day 21/6/23

Rewilding performance/workshops 29/6/23

Peter Brown and children in concert – Egyptians 30/6/23


 VISITS/VISITORS/EVENTS  THIS TERM- [other visits/visitors etc to be confirmed




Class 1

Sonha Sabri dance performance with whole school 17/4/23

Peter Brown – musician  linked to curriculum music  across the school for 6 weeks

Morpeth Town Visit/ Cambo Village field study linked to history/geography focus  TBC

Grace Darling visit  TBC

Meet the Author, James Carter, virtual author visit across the school  29/3/23

Graham Taylor, potter to come in and being work on our Green King/Green Man  Coronation Arts project 20/21-4/23

Community Coronation Event 5/5/23

Simon and Jan Terry – Creative Arts, Curriculum link ‘Coronation – Kings and Queens  TBC

Linking Project visit to the Laing to work with creatives and our partner school – Hugh Joicey 28/6/23

Class 2

Sonha Sabri dance performance with whole school 17/4/23 A dynamic company which has established an international reputation for presenting Kathak  dance in a contemporary context. The company creates work relevant to modern audiences, that is inspired by Indian and British culture, and the rich possibilities that arise when they meet.

Peter Brown – musician  linked to curriculum music  across the school for 6 weeks

Meet the Author, James Carter, virtual author visit across the school  29/3/23

Graham Taylor, potter to come in and being work on our Green King/Green Man  Coronation Arts project 20/21-4/23

Community Coronation Event 5/5/23

Year 4 Residential to Robinwood  10th.11th  12th May 2023

Simon and Jan Terry – Creative Arts, Curriculum link ‘Coronation – Kings and Queens  TBC

Class 2 to take part in Morpeth Big Sing event with schools across the partnership 15/5/23 , Community Welcome, more information to follow

Bioblitz – Class 2 Geography visit 7/7/23

Linking Project visit to the Laing to work with creatives and our partner school – Hugh Joicey 28/6/23






The population now has much stronger protection against COVID-19 than at any other point in the pandemic. This means we can begin to manage the virus like other respiratory infections, thanks to the success of the vaccination programme and access to antivirals, alongside natural immunity and increased scientific and public understanding about how to manage risk.

Cambo First School Remote Education Policy under covid.docx


Worried about someone being radicalised?

ACT Early

THE impact of Covid-19, social isolation and a rise in hateful extremism online is creating a ‘perfect storm’ which is making more young people vulnerable to radicalisation and other forms of grooming.

But parents, friends and families can now get specialist support to stop their loved ones being drawn into harmful activities or groups, with the launch of ACT Early – a new dedicated safeguarding website and advice line from the specialists at Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP).

This new resource will provide advice, guidance and support for anyone who is concerned that someone they know may be at risk from being radicalised by terrorists or extremist content online.

Between 1st January 2019 and 30th June 2020, 17 children have been arrested in relation to terrorism offences. Some were as young as 14 years old, while nearly all will have been radicalised entirely online. In the same time period, more than 1500 children under the age of 15 were helped by the Prevent programme to choose a different path, away from hatred and violence.

Family and friends are best placed to spot the worrying behaviour changes which can indicate that a loved one is heading down a path towards terrorism, but currently just 2% of referrals into the Government’s anti-radicalisation programme Prevent come from that group of people.

Prevent is just that – a preventative programme, delivered locally by teachers, healthcare practitioners, social workers, the police, charities, and religious leaders. It places protection around people vulnerable to radicalisation, stopping them from being drawn into terrorism – regardless of the ideology.

It works in a similar way to safeguarding processes designed to protect people from gangs, drug abuse, and sexual exploitation.And with Covid-19 preventing regular access to schools, social workers and mental health support, specialists at CTP are concerned that people who need help are not getting it – which makes it more important for friends and family to use the new ACT Early resources to understand what might be happening to their loved one and what support Prevent can provide.

“We are seeing more young people being drawn towards terrorist activity,” says the Head of Counter Terrorism Policing, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

“Last year, 12 children under the age of 18 were arrested in relation to terrorism offences, some as young as 14-years-old. That is a relatively new and worrying trend in the UK, because just a few years ago we were not seeing anyone that young amongst our casework.

“What concerns me most is this – there has been a sharp increase in extremist material online in the last few years, and Covid-19 has meant that vulnerable people are spending a lot more time isolated and online, and with fewer of the protective factors that schooling, employment, friends and family can provide.

“In my opinion that is a perfect storm, one which we cannot predict and that we might be feeling the effects of for many years to come.

“But I remain hopeful, because there is something we can do right now to try and stop this. It requires parents, friends and family to help us by acting early, by talking to their children about what they view online, and sharing their concerns and seeking support if they fear someone they know is in danger of being radicalised.

“Asking for help is a difficult and emotional step, but we must see it for what it is – action which won’t ruin their lives but may well save them.”

Someone who knows all about the dangers that extremism and radicalisation can pose is Kath Jack from Families and Extremism Support, whose son was convicted of being a member of the proscribed Right Wing Terrorism group, National Action, after being radicalised online and who now works to help other families in similar situations before it is too late.

Kath said: “My son is now trying to rebuild his life in prison after being drawn down a path by extremists. But his story could have been so different if I had had advice and support like this available to me. I did know something was going wrong in his life but didn’t know enough about what it was, how to talk to him about it without arguments or where to go for help. When the police did try to intervene he refused to engage with them because by then it was too late.

“So I would encourage any other mums, dads or wider friends and families to Act Early and seek help and support. The police and other services can help turn lives around if you tell them what’s going on soon enough.”

If you are worried that someone you know is being radicalised, visit http://www.actearly.uk/ You won’t be wasting our time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them.
For help and advice visit www.actearly.uk, or call the national Police Prevent Advice Line on 0800 011 3764, in confidence, and our specially trained Prevent officers will listen carefully to your concerns.


Arts Award

Well our attainment is in the laps of the Gods. The Arts Examiner came into school for a whole morning on 13/6/22. He looked at work, talked with children and staff and viewed video evidence. Phew we were all on tenderhooks! I am pleased to say that 100% passed their assessment with flying colours!


Dear Children, Parents, Staff and Governors-WELL DONE!

In April 2019 we successfully gained Arts Mark Gold for the school via the Arts Council. A most prestigious award!
We had to submit a statement of intent re the Arts in Cambo regarding the areas we were wanting to improve across the school e.g. Pupil Voice and independence in the arts. Once our project was concluded we then had to submit our case study for assessment. PHEW! what a journey it has been! It isn’t quite finished, if there is such a thing as a finish! Year 1 are to have their Discover Award assessment and the Class 2 children are just about to have their external assessment via the Arts Council for their EXPLORE award having concluded another 75 hours of arts activities and independent learning.
We are so blessed to have such a forward thinking community, Governors who support and encourage, brilliant staff and supportive parents. More importantly we have such wonderful children! nothing has been too much, even when they really didn’t like doing certain things e.g. recorder during lunch times, they got right on and played anyway, performing for parents and the community in the end! I am so proud of everyone. WELL DONE!
This is what the Arts Council said about our development…
Cambo First School’s Case Study was an exciting summary of its commitment to and the effects of a creative, arts-rich approach to teaching and learning. The school describes the Arts as being integral to all it does and that the Arts allow teachers to develop excellent quality provision, teaching and learning. The school uses data very well within the Case Study to show how the culture and ethos underpinning the use of the Arts leads to demonstrable learning gains for children. Their prior legacy of Creative Partnerships and Artsmark is evident throughout all they do. Particularly impressive is the sense of the impacts and effects the work has had and is having. All children in Years 2,3,4 successfully submitted a portfolio of work to gain their Discover Arts Award. Years 3 & 4 have completed over 60 hours work in the Arts and 15 of these have been independently completed. 100% of children have visited numerous art galleries including the Baltic and the Sage. They have also visited museums including Science Museum, British Museum, Discovery and the Imperial War Museum. Such visits are used to drive inquiry questions which in turn lead to an exploratory approach to learning through the curriculum back at school. There is a very strong sense of commitment to CPD in the school and a belief that this is highly effective.
The Arts Council England celebrates your ongoing commitment to arts and cultural education at a leadership level, and the opportunities established across your whole setting. Your children and young people are offered equal opportunity to plan, experience, participate in, and evaluate a broad range of high-quality arts and cultural activities, and you recognise the importance of development opportunities delivered by specialists for your staff that have measurable effects in these areas. You engage with a wide range of arts and cultural organisations and other settings, and can evidence the positive impact of these partnerships. Your children and young people have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of arts and culture, and you are working to share the very good practice you have established.


We are delighted to inform you that we will be continuing the READ 2 DOGS scheme at Cambo First School  in the week beginning 4th March. This program is fully insured and is designed to give children the opportunity  to increase their confidence and enjoyment in reading.  Several charities, such as Canine Concern, Paws to Read and Pets as Therapy are involved in the program and we are lucky enough to have Lesley and her dog Evie joining us in school.
Evie is  a specially trained service dog, who works in schools, hospitals and care homes. Children  will have the opportunity to read with Red under the close supervision of Lesley, her owner and a member of school staff.
Some children can be nervous about reading out loud or reading to others in a group. Evie loves to hear children read, so this is a special time fr the children giving them time to practice and enjoy reading, away from other children.
Children in other schools have really benefited from the READ 2 DOGS Program. It has helped them become less self-conscious and more confident with their reading. They looked forward to reading, because Evie provides comfort and inspires children to have fun reading.
We look forward to seeing Evie and Lesley in school.


How to keep your child safe

To stay safe, parents are warned to always be aware of what their children are watching and reading online, and if possible, limit the apps they can access.

“The most fundamental piece of advice offered is to speak with your children – let them know that they do not have to deal with any concerns on their own. It is crucial that parents are involved with their children’s online lives and we would urge parents to make children aware of online dangers and ensure they know that they can speak to someone if anything or anyone online causes them concern.

“Parents are also advised to ensure that any devices used by children are restricted to age suitable content.  There really is no substitution for supervising the games that children are playing and the videos that they watch online.”

If adults are concerned or have any questions on how to approach the subject with their children you can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit the NSPCC website.

Children who are feeling worried about their activity on apps or online games can contact Childline 24 hours a day, online and over the phone, on 0800 11 11 or by visiting www.childline.org.uk

 “The NSPCC publishes advice and guidance for parents on discussing overall online safety with their children, as well as promoting Net Aware – the UK’s only parental guide to social media and gaming apps.”

Things to look out for:

§  Become very secretive, especially about what they are doing online

§  Are spending a lot of time on the internet and social media

§  Are switching screens on their device when approached

§  Are withdrawn or angry after using the internet or sending text messages

§  Have lots of new phone numbers or email addresses on their devices

If adults are concerned or have any questions on how to approach the subject with their children, they can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit the NSPCC website. Children who are worried about their activity on apps or online games can contact Childline 24 hours a day, online and over the phone on 0800 1111.

Online learning whilst school is closed:

Support whiles working on line at home with children to keep them safe

Below are a selection of websites and resources which children and parents can use to increase their knowledge of how to stay safe on line.
Please pay particular attention to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) website at which parents and children can report any concerns they have. We also have a link on our website.
We would recommend parents view this site by the NSPCC which gives in depth information about popular apps which children use and how to keep them safe, including how to effectively operate privacy settings.


Android devices [parental controls]

Android parental controls

Amazon devices [parental controls]

Amazon devices


Think You Know? – child friendly information by CEOP


South West Grid for Learning (who produce our E safety Scheme of Work)


Safer Internet Day (information linked to the annual event)


Common Sense Media site reviews videos, games, books, and websites to help parents and children know which ones are safe to use.


‘Get Safe On-line’, gives answers to many questions, via ‘Terry Tablet’ who answers any questions, informative videos and includes an update on current on line issues and scams.


Kid Smart – guidance on different areas of on line communication


Net Smartz Kids – child friendly activity site


Newsround Quiz – safety quiz and information from the BBC


I Keep Safe – adult orientated sight with strong parenting advice for on line protection


Northumbria Connected is a new method of communicating targeted information to our communities across the North East; it’s been successfully used by other police forces.





The SOCKS chair- Christine Graham . 

The Secretary is Lindsay Rutherford

The Treasurer is  Vik Rees

But what is SOCKS/SOKS?

Not a lot of parents realise what the SOCKS/SOKS stands for or what they do on behalf of our children. SOCKS is The Support Our Cambo Kids Association and with your support in developing and attending fund raising  initiatives we raise money to support children in school e.g we go to the theater in January, we have an Autumn fayre, meals etc!  Without their hard work and your support there is so much in school that we couldn’t do!!

After School 
Timetable for the After School:
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