Food for life

Thrilled to receive our award

Cambo First School were successful in gaining Food for Life accreditation.  We firmly believe in developing the potential of the children in our community and the community itself. with reference to health and happiness.  We have an excellent school cook who prepares wonderful healthy meals! Nothing is too much for her!

A little naughty, but nice!!!

We are a healthy school with excellent physical activities taking place within and outside of the school curriculum.

Hmm this tastes scrummy!!!

We have worked hard  to develop healthy attitudes and lifestyles.  We have our own organic garden developed with the community and the National Trust.  It  is tended by the children.  The produce is used within school meals and snacks.  Our children simply love vegetables!!!!!!

Make sure it is just right!!!!

Every child in school has at least 6 two hour sessions of cooking per week over their time at Cambo.  The sessions are delivered through community members e.g. Mrs. Brodie [After School Leader] and Mrs. Flatman [secretary].  We believe this gives our children the essential skills to cook for themselves in later life. 

We also run a healthy cooking club for community members.

 Brilliant news!!! Cambo won the school of the month competition! The prize for all our hard work? £5,000! We are busy deciding how we might spend the money as we speak!