Cambo Thespian Performances

Little Red Riding HoodAt Cambo First School we have a strong, recognised arts ethos across the whole curriculum. Our children really enjoy watching live performances and being involved in performing for the community. The experience gives them bag loads of confidence! We feel that we have potential stars in the making!

In 2016  for our Christmas performance we chose to perform ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ for our very appreciative audience.

The church was packed to the rafters for our young thespians! We had aliens, space ships and rockets a plenty, as the children took to the stage to tell  the universe about the most important story in the world. The birth of Jesus! The aliens just couldn’t believe it, they were quite frankly flabbergasted! And vowed to share the story when they returned home!

The performance concluded with encores and refreshments. What a fabulous event to begin the Christmas festivities!

Many thanks to Kathy Anderson who played the live music for the performance and worked with staff and children on the songs!

After the performance the community came together to share in a lovely tea provided by Dawn Lewins the school cook.


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