Cambo Thespian Performances

Little Red Riding HoodAt Cambo First School we have a strong, recognised arts ethos across the whole curriculum. Our children really enjoy watching live performances and being involved in performing for the community. The experience gives them bag loads of confidence! We feel that we have potential stars in the making!

In 2017  for our Summer performance we chose to perform ‘The Moon Thieves’ for our very appreciative audience.

What a super night we had in the village hall on Thursday 13th July when our children took to the stage in the drama The Moon Thieves. The costumes were brilliant, we had fish, fire flies, animals and all sorts of other things! The colours were amazing as was the acting!  The story?
The cat wanted a dish of cream, The rat wanted a whole round cheese, Gran wanted a silken pillow for her poor, old head and the boy wanted a silver penny! One dark night they looked up at the round white moon and each thought their dream had come true… Or had it… The children really brought the story to life and I am pleased to say a happy ending was had by all!
Encores echoed around the packed hall and the children, a lot of them quite poorly, smiled and relaxed. A job well done! The evening was a success but the success was tinged with a little sadness… This was the last time our current year 4 children: Abigail, Eve, Joseph, Joshua, Milo Owen, Sam and Zander would take to the stage with us! In September they will all be in new schools. We wish them well!

Many thanks to Kathy Anderson who played the live music for the performance and worked with staff and children on the songs!

After the performance the community came together to share in a lovely tea provided by Dawn Lewins the school cook.

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