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What’s happening this week?

Week beginning: 27th March 2017 


a.m. –

p.m. – Y2 cooking session with Dawn and Carol


a.m. –

p.m. –


a.m. – Roz Irving to visit school from Morpeth Chantry Middle re Year 4s [only those going to Chantry 2017]

a.m. – Music with Kathy across the school

p.m. – Trigolf across the school

a.m. – Fencing after school 3.15pm-4.15pm with Nav


a.m. – Music/Violin across the school with Annelise Nicklen

p.m. –

Friday –

a.m. –  Gymnastics across the school with Sam Dronesfield

p.m. – Kathy Anderson Peripatetic music

p.m. – There will be no Community Assembly this week

Football with Donald after school weather permitting








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